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Football is the sport most bets are placed on in the best football betting site in Iraq, due to the great popularity of this sport in the country. This popularity is not only related to the Iraqi Premier League clubs or some other Arab clubs, but the most famous European teams such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Liverpool and Manchester United enjoy a very large fan base and follow-up in Iraq.

Just as football is popular in Iraq, the term betting is common in Iraq, and therefore football betting is considered one of the most popular types of sports betting in Iraq. Are you, dear reader, interested in football betting? Are you looking for the best football betting site in Iraq? Welcome to Iraq betting.

List of the Best Football Betting Site in Iraq

There are many sites where you can bet, but it is always important to put your money in one of the trusted and reputable sites on the one hand, and is able to provide a unique gambling experience for players and bettors. In this paragraph, we will learn about the list of the best football betting sites in Iraq

award bgOur Pick Of Top Casinos - Nov 2022
1 betfinal logo
Betfinal en
200% up to $3000
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2 888casino-logo
888casino en
250% up to €230
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3 1xbet-logo
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100% up to €1500
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4 hazcasino-logo-
Haz Casino en
100% up to €1000
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5 logo.569bf0db svg 1
YYY Casino
100% up to $500
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6 betway logo 1 2
Betway en
100% up to $2000
100% up to$2000
7 casino logo
Casinocom en
% up to $400
8 regent-play-logo
Regent Casino
150% up to €150
150% up to€150
9 playojo-logo-300x120
100% up to 50 FS
100% up to50 FS
10 genesiscasino
Genesis Casino
100% up to 300
11 PngItem 6117355
100% up to €30
100% up to€30
12 22bet site logo
22 Bet
100% up to €122
100% up to€122
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best football betting site in iraq

How to win in football betting? The best football betting site

Best Football Betting Site

Some believe that football betting is based only on luck, while others claim that it is based on skill. Well, neither of the two opinions can be considered correct, because football betting is based largely on luck, but there are some skills and strategies that will increase your chances of making more profits. Fortunately, here at the best football betting site, we offer you some tips that will help you make more profits on football betting in Iraq.

1. Good money management

The golden rule in gambling is to only gamble with what you can afford to lose, and this rule also applies to football betting. You should decide how much money you can put into sports betting, it depends on your financial condition at a particular time. Remember, it is never a good idea to risk money that you cannot afford to lose.

Determine the amount of capital you want to start with. Here at the best football betting site, we suggest that bettors deposit 1-5 percent of their money into each bet, this is undoubtedly the most important first step in becoming a more successful player.

2. Corner Kicks Betting

If you want to remain successful in football betting, you have to be open minded. Iraq betting sites have a variety of bets, so you don’t have to bet on one type of bet. Corner kick betting is among the newer types of football betting.

It may sound strange, but if you research enough, some profits can be made with this strategy. You can keep track of how many corners a particular team wins on average in each game and use them when making your next bet. If you’re not sure where to start, check team stats, defensive tactics, line affinity, field size, and weather. Factors like these can often make a big difference. Taking the right data-backed approach can lead to good profits with the best football betting site.

3. Double Chance Bet

Double Chance is an excellent betting strategy to use if you are a risk averse bettor. With a double chance, you increase the probability of winning because you are betting bearing in mind that if one of two events wins, you get your money back. Betting on two outcomes of the game increases the probability of winning by two thirds. It is worth noting that if you bet on a football betting site using double chance, the odds will be much lower, so you will need a higher bet to win a good amount of money.

4. Betting on the number of goals

Football betting is not easy, and going with the traditional option of a particular team to win is not a good idea most of the time. Creative bets such as betting on the number of goals have helped many football bettors. With the best football betting site, all you need to do is research before using this strategy and analyse facts and stats such as the team’s average goals per match, the number of goals conceded, and the form they are going in. Such information can significantly increase the winning percentage of football betting.


Using the above strategies on the football betting site should help you enjoy your football betting experience greatly, but remember that sometimes gambling depends on luck. If you are going through a period of bad luck, this does not mean that you need to change the strategies that you used to profit from. Stick to your strategies and be patient.

FAQs about best football betting site

What is the best football betting site in Iraq?

There are many of the best international football betting sites that welcome bettors from Iraq, most notably betting 365, Betfinal and Betway.

How to win at the best football betting site?

There are many strategies and methods that will help you make big profits on the best football betting site, and you can learn about some of these tips and strategies in the article above.