Privacy Policy


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Privacy Policy

raqBet fully respects your privacy. Information collected by this site will be kept austerely confidential and will never be loaned, rented, reused, sold or otherwise revealed. All our visitors can rest assured that any information they give to IraqBet will be stored with the utmost care.

Collected Data Types

At IraqBet we might collect the following types of data:

How The Data Is Collected?

The above-mentioned data can be collected in any way as follows:

Automatically, mainly via the use of cookies and other tracking technologies and tools if you visit our site, or

In some cases, voluntarily from your perspective, for instance, if you get in touch with us like by sending us an email or calling us. You can rest assured that whenever possible or technically necessitated under the relevant data protection laws, we shall ask for your consent to collect any personal data.

Data Keeping Period

IraqBet retails the data that has been collected for as long as it is required to provide our services or until a person requests us to delete their personal information or whenever necessitated by the applicable laws, as indicated below:

Data Security

We are very cautious when it comes to implementing and maintaining our site’s security so we can protect your personal information from any unauthorized use or access. Nevertheless, no data transmitted via the internet is 100% safe and secure from malicious acts. It is for this reason why we are not liable for any losses resulting from such unauthorized access.

Minor Prevention

Betting is strictly prohibited for any person less than 18 years. As a result, we don’t use the site to knowingly provide our services to underage persons nor market gambling to children. We humbly request that such persons don’t give such personal data via our services. We have the right to request age proof at any point to be sure that children and persons under 18 years of age do not use our website. If you are aware or believe that a child or anyone underage has shared any information with us, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at

Disclosure Or Resale Of Information

IraqBet analyses all website logs to boost the value of the content available on the site. Our site logs are not individually identifiable and we do not make any attempts to connect them with the people that browse our website.


As of now, we have advertisements that are served by our in-house program that follows these privacy regulations.

Use Of Cookies

IraqBet uses cookies on its site mainly to track traffic that comes from other websites and search engines and leaving to other sites. With the cookies, not attempts are made to connect them with people to make the information individually recognizable. Cookies are not worms or viruses. Typically, cookies are helpful and play different roles. For instance, thanks to cookies, navigation among pages have become more efficient and they help in enabling automatic activation of specific features for remembrance of your preferences and also for customizing, improving and speeding up your user experience when you are on our website.


The website also uses analytics. We can use Google Analytics and other analytics providers every once in a while to advertise on the website or other third-party websites. We use third-party cookies and first-party cookies to optimize, inform and serve adverts based on your previous visits to our website.

Updates and Changes

IraqBet has the right to make any changes to this privacy policy at any time we deem fit. We recommend that you regularly visit this webpage. We currently contract different online partners to help optimize and manage our internet communications and business. We use the marketing company’s service to help determine how effective our advertising is and how visitors use this website. We use cookies and web beacons to do this; these are provided by the marketing entity on this website.

The type of information collected includes information that is entered by visitors in the pages visited, forms and others. As for supplements to our records, this information is helpful in that it helps us learn things such as which pages are more enticing to our visitors, which among our products are attractive to our customers and the types of offers that our visitors like seeing.

Other Sites

Immediately you leave this website or are redirected to another website by, for example, clicking on an advert or a banner of another brand advertised on this website, the data processing practices, privacy policies and terms and conditions (that we don’t have any control over) of the other 3rd party website shall apply and the privacy policy and terms and conditions of this website shall not apply to you any longer.

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