Top 10 richest esports players of all time


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Esports is one of the trends of the modern era as a clear result of technological development and the spread of the Internet in the world. 20 years ago, computer games were gaining popularity by downloading them to the device and playing on it individually.

Today, the matter is no longer limited to this aspect only, but you can play with and against other players from anywhere in the world through the best Casinos in Iraq and modern gaming applications, and it is no longer just entertainment video games, but has turned into a large industry through which a lot of money can be harvested, and it is considered one of the most attractive sports for betting no less than other real sports such as football betting and Horse racing betting.

Earning money through esports or esports betting is not only limited to gaming companies and betting companies, but players also can earn a lot of money through esports games, and if you manage to become a professional player in an esports, this means that you will be able to Reap millions that make you independent of any other field of work.

In this article from the Iraq bet, we will get to know the 19 richest players in esports at all, and perhaps it is a coincidence that the ten players succeeded in entering this list through the same game, which is Dota 2. In fact, it is not a coincidence, as the game Dota 2 is the most famous esports game, and huge prizes are distributed in it that outweighs any other esports, with a value of millions of dollars in its global competitions.

 Johan Sundstein

Johan Sundstein is a Danish player who entered the field of esports during the current decade and is considered the most successful player in Dota 2 ever. He is currently playing in the OG team and has managed through his career to win financial prizes amounting to more than 7 million dollars. Johann’s successes are not limited to financial gains, but Sundstein was able to win 4 major titles in addition to two world titles.

Jesse Vainikka

Jesse Vainikka is a Finnish player who announced his retirement from esports at the beginning of the year 2020 after he succeeded in achieving a very big career by excelling in the game Dota 2. The strange thing is that Jesse managed to win the world championship in 2018 and 2019 respectively before he announced his retirement Immediately the following year. Jesse Vainikka was able to win financial prizes amounting to approximately 6.5 million dollars, to occupy the second place.

Anathan Pham

Anathan Pham is a 22-year-old young Australian player who joined the OG team in 2018 and managed to win the Dota 2 World Championship twice as well. The total financial gains that Anathan has achieved so far amount to about 6 million dollars, and it is strongly expected that he will rise to the second or first place in the coming years, especially in light of his young age.

Sebastian Debs

Sebastien Debs is a 29-year-old French player. He is considered the first French player to win the World Championship, and he achieved this by joining the OG team. Debs managed to achieve many successes in his career, which culminated in many titles and financial prizes, which are worth nearly $5.8 million so far.

Topias Taavitsainen

Tobias Tavitsinen is the second Finnish player with the most prize money in Finland after Jesse, and he is ranked fifth in the world with prize money amounting to $ 5.7 million. Tobias is currently 23 years old and plays for the OG team, and has so far managed to win the World Championship three times, which heralds a better career in the future.

Kuro Takhasomi

The name may seem Japanese at first glance, but Kuro Takhasumi is the most successful German player on the level of esports in general, and the game Dota 2 in particular, and he is currently playing in the Nigma team. Kuro managed to achieve many successes in his career, including winning the World Championships in 2017. Through his 11-year career, Takhasmoni managed to win prizes worth $5.2 million.

Amir Al-Barqawi

The first Arab player in the list of the 10 richest players in esports and managed through his career to achieve $ 4.8 million. Amir is a 24-year-old Jordanian Dota 2 player who also holds Polish citizenship. Al-Barqawi plays in the ranks of the Nigma team and managed to win the world championship in 2017. It is worth mentioning that Amir Al-Barqawi was considered the world’s number one in esports at one time.

Ivan Ivanov

With a total prize pool of $4.6 million, Bulgarian Ivan Ivanov ranks eighth in the list of the 10 richest players in esports. Eva is currently playing in the Nijma team and previously managed to win the World Championship title in 2017. He is currently 25 years old and aspires in the coming years to achieve more achievements in Dota 2, and of course more financial prizes.

Lasse Urpalainen

Lasse Urpalainen is the third Finnish player on our list and occupies the ninth place with a total prize money of 4.5 million dollars that he managed to achieve during 7 years of professional esports and Dota 2 game. He is currently 26 years old and plays for Al-Sir team, and he is the player The only one on the list who plays outside the OJ and Nigma teams.

Maroun Merhej

Maroun Merhej is the second Arab player on the list after Amir Al-Barqawi, who is of Lebanese nationality. Maroun is currently playing with the Nigma team, and is considered one of the most famous Dota 2 players in the Arab world. Maroun managed to win the World Championship in 2017, and he wants to win the title again with the Nijma team currently, or with any other team in the future if he moves.

Maroun Merhej
Maroun Merhej