Zain Cash

Zain Cash

Zain Cash

Zain Cash is a mobile wallet launched in 2018 with permission from the Central Bank of Iraq. This eWallet provides its users with the ability to make payments, transfer money, pay bills, and purchase online services. Although this wallet is not yet available for use on online betting sites; We expect it to be supported soon in online casinos and sports betting sites, such as the Vodafone Cash and Etisalat Cash wallet available in many Arab countries.

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Zain Cash Pros

Zain Cash Pros

  • Available on all smartphones – Zain Cash is simple and easy-to-use on all smartphones. To create a new account on this wallet, all you have to do is getting a Zain line, smartphone, and internet connection! And after creating an account, you can go to the nearest authorized service centre to activate your account and obtain the Wallet Card®.
  • Very low fees – This eWallet applies the fees of 1% only to your deposits and withdrawals. But, if you do not withdraw or deposit your funds in cash then the fee will be less than 1%!
  • Free prepaid card – Zain Cash offers a wallet card® that you can use on all ATMs as well as websites that accept MasterCard cards, including casinos and sports betting sites of course.
  • Can be used by different service providers – You can use this eWallet to pay for tourism companies, TV channels, entertainment, hotels, insurance, and charitable organizations.
Zain Cash Cons

Zain Cash Cons

  • Available in Iraq only – This eWallet is available inside Iraq only, while the WaltCard card can be used on websites and any ATM inside or outside Iraq.
  • The Iraqi dinars balance cannot be used online – Online transactions are international transfers that are carried out using the US dollar and not the Iraqi dinar. So, if you even have a sufficient balance in Iraqi dinars, you won’t be able to use it online. As you must go to the nearest service centre and charge your account in US dollars to make online transactions.
  • Transaction limits may not be suitable for users – the limits for money transfers, deposits and withdrawals start from 5,000 dinars and reach a maximum of 100,000 dinars which may not be suitable for players, especially when buying goods and services online. In addition to that, the maximum voucher cards value is only $100.
Can I use Zain Cash at online casinos

Can I use Zain Cash at online casinos?

Currently, there is no online casino or sports betting site that accept ZainCash wallet. However, you can use the MasterCard (Card Walt®) linked to this wallet at online casinos and sports betting sites that accept MasterCard.

How to create a new account in Zain Cash wallet?

You can create a new account on Zain Cash wallet from any smartphone or tablet that contains a Zain SIM card, by following these steps:

  • Press (*210 #).
  • After that, the language menu will appear and you can choose from Arabic, Kurdish, or English languages.
  • Then, you will see a message as follows: (Press number 1 to activate Zain Cash service).
  • If you press the number 1, the Zain Cash service will be activated on your number.

After that, you will have a temporary wallet for 90 days, if you want to shift it to a permanent wallet, you must go to one of the service centers with your ID card to activate your wallet for free.

Zain Cash Online Application

After activating the Zain Cash wallet on your phone number, you can download the application from Google Play or the App Store by typing (Zain Cash) in the search field.

After downloading and installing the application, you will have to enter the Zain line number and you will receive a message containing the OTP code that you should enter in the application to access your account.

The application has a very flexible and easy interface, and it offers you many options, as follows:

  • Account statement. When you click on the account statement, the application will ask you to enter your account password to view all your previous transaction.
  • Nearest Authorized Center. To find the nearest Zain agent enable the GPS feature on your smartphone or tablet device.
  • Balance Recharge. The application gives you the ability to recharge your wallet balance or any other wallet, with an amount ranging from 5,000 to 100,000 dinars at a time. If you want to top up another user’s balance, you can enter his number or scan his account QR code.
  • Money Transfer – This option allows you to transfer money or request payments from other users.
  • Withdraw funds – if you want to withdraw funds, you should enter the code of the nearest agent (and if you do not have the code, you can scan its QR code, or locate it on Google Maps). Then you can select the withdrawal value.
  • Pay your Zain Bill – You can use your available balance on the wallet to pay your line bill or pay your internet subscription bills.
  • The QR code for your wallet – you can click on this option to display your wallet code and send it to other users to receive transfers from them.
  • Buying virtual cards for online shopping – Zain wallet gives you the ability to buy virtual cards with a value ranging between $10 and $100 to shop online on the various sites and applications that accept Mastercard payment. To purchase this card, you will have to enter the following data:
  1. The First Name
  2. The Second Name
  3. Family Name
  4. Date of Birth

You must enter this data in the English language, after which you will receive an SMS message containing the card number and its CVV code as well.

Your data on the Zain Cash application is secured with the password that you set when you activated the wallet on your line. So, you must choose a unique and unrepeatable password and not use your birth date, marriage date, or any easily predictable number.

It worth mentioning that users can activate the app’s notification to stay informed of the payments they make and the money they receive from different parties.

Buying Virtual Cards from the Zain Cash App

With the Zain Cash application, you can buy virtual cards to make payments on websites, applications and games such as:

  • Google Play
  • iTunes
  • Playstation Network
  • Steam Cards
  • xBox Cards
  • Careem
  • Fastlink
  • Horizon Fay
  • Amazon
  • League of Legends
  • Open Market Portal
  • Zain Virtual Cards

Service providers in the Zain app

There are many services that you can pay for through the Zain app, such as:

  1. Airline and hotel reservations
  2. Teaching
  3. Health and beauty
  4. Internet
  5. Online shopping
  6. Furniture
  7. TV channels
  8. Events
  9. Transportations
  10. Insurance
  11. Charitable organizations
  12. Hotels
  13. Business services

It is worth mentioning that paying using the Zain app for any of these services will give you discounts ranging from 5% up to 50%!

Wallet Card

Zain Cash has cooperated with the Switch Company to launch a prepaid card (Wallet Card), which is an exclusive service provided only to subscribers of Zain Iraq.

With this card, you can buy any service or product online, withdraw money from ATMs in and outside Iraq, and you can know your previous transactions and your current balance from the Zain Cash app.

Many users believe that WaltCard is the best Iraqi MasterCard, as it is authorized by the Central Bank of Iraq, and its deposit and withdrawal fees are 1% only. So, if you deposit 100 dinars, only 1 dinar will be deducted! Recently, Zain Cash announced that it will deliver this card to users in Baghdad for free within 24 hours only!

It is worth mentioning that the user must have a permanent Zain Cash wallet to obtain this card. So, you must activate your account on the wallet by giving a copy of your documents to the nearest Zain Cash service agent.

The card gives you two separate accounts, the first one in the Iraqi dinar currency, while the second account is in US dollars. This feature can be an advantage and disadvantage in the same vein! It is an advantage because it gives you the ability to organize your spending. But it is a disadvantage because you will not be able to use the money available in Iraqi dinars on websites and this matter can be annoying for many users. However, you can overcome this issue by charging your balance in US dollars only.

One of the most prominent advantages of a prepaid Wallet Card is that it is accepted on all websites including casinos and sports bets sites. However, you will not be able to use it to make receive your winnings because Mastercard does not support withdrawals from all gambling sites. Therefore, you will have to get your payout via bank transfer.

One of the best casinos and sports betting sites that support Zain Cash and its Wallet Card is Betfinal! It supports the Arabic and Kurdish languages, offers a special welcome bonus package for Iraqi players up to $1,350, and it gives them a lot of offers permanently. Also, it offers a game lobby that contains more than 2,000 titles.


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