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No votes so far! Be the first to rate this post. (the “Website”) uses cookies. Cookies are small files of numbers and letters that a site puts on your computer. The cookies allow us to distinguish you from other users that come to our site, and this helps provide you the best know-how when you surf our site. Also, it permits us to improve the website.

Controlling Cookies

You can easily manage the use of cookies via your browser backgrounds. Every browser has a help function that can provide you with the correct information. A few browsers offer useful cookie guides:

However, in regard to mobile devices, it might be necessary to contact the device’s instruction manual for effective cookie management.

How IraqBet Uses Cookies

The site uses cookies and other tools to help record non-personal statistical data like the banner adverts that receive the most clicks from users, or the amount of time spent reading the content of a specific page. The technologies help us in improving our website, your experience, and our marketing activities. Most internet browsers are pre-set to automatically accept cookies. However, based on your preferences, you can opt to set your browser in such a way that it rejects cookies or remove cookies. If you opt to reject cookies or remove cookies, this can affect certain services or features of our website. By accessing or using the website, you agree to the website’s use of cookies as further explained in this clause.
Cookies are typically text-only information pieces that the website transfer to your computer or any other internet surfing device for record-keeping resolves.
Although the information gathered via cookies does not give us any personal data (thus it doesn’t collect matters like your surname and name) it also allows us to avail adverts and any other content, which, depending on the information that has been stored by a cookie, might interest you. This includes targeted services, customized advertisements, and articles. Therefore, cookies are used to enhance your online experience, for marketing and analytics, but we specifically use cookies on the website for the purposes highlighted in the table below.
In situations where we keep personal data (such as that provided by you when you create an account), we can combine the data received from the cookies to your profile.