The Best Esports Betting Guide In Iraq


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In recent years, the popularity of esports games in the world has clearly increased, and with it the percentage of esports betting has increased and has become comparable to other popular sports bets such as football betting or basketball betting. In Iraq, e-sports are no longer just a means of entertainment through playing on a computer, but many bettors have become inclined to place their bets on e-sports due to the significant increase in the amount of money that can be obtained through them.

What are esports? What are the best esports betting sites? How can the biggest winnings be achieved through esports betting? You can find all this and more in the IraqBet Guide for online esports betting in Iraq, so welcome.

Best online esports betting sites

There are many distinguished international e-sports betting sites that accept bettors from Iraq and give them the opportunity to experience e-sports betting in a pleasant way and offer them many offers and generous rewards that help them achieve a lot of profits. In this paragraph, you will learn about the list of the best online esports betting sites in Iraq, as follows:

award bgOur Pick Of Top Casinos - Apr 2024
1 betfinal
Betfinal en
200% up to $3000
200% up to $3000
2 esports betting
The Best Esports Betting Guide In Iraq
% up to
3 cosmoswin
Cosmoswin en
250% up to €230
250% up to €230
4 hazcasino
Haz Casino en
100% up to €1000
100% up to €1000
5 yyycasino
YYY Casino
100% up to $500
100% up to $500
6 betway logo 1 2
Betway en
100% up to $2000
100% up to $2000
7 casinocom
Casinocom en
% up to $400
8 regent play
Regent Casino
150% up to €150
150% up to €150
9 playojo
100% up to 50 FS
100% up to 50 FS
10 genesiscasino
Genesis Casino
100% up to 300
100% up to 300
11 unibet
100% up to €30
100% up to €30
12 22bet
22 Bet
100% up to €122
100% up to €122
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What is esports betting?

Esports betting

What is meant by esports betting? An important question that must be answered, but before you must answer another question: What are electronic sports? Esports are all types of video games that see competition between a group of players or teams. E-sports has succeeded in achieving a very wide spread in the world in general, where it is watched by more than 320 million people around the world, and its total revenues in 2016 reached a very large number, reaching nearly 500 million dollars.

Esports betting is similar to betting on real-life sports such as football or basketball. As you will have a live stream of the competitions on your screen, and all you have to do is predict the winning player/team, and then place your bet on it. The odds, betting markets and winning rates are also similar to real-life sports.

One of the most important advantages of esports betting is that you will be able to watch all tournaments, matches, and events for free without subscribing and without paying additional fees, and it also offers a lot of excitement and suspense as there is always an upcoming match that you can follow, unlike real sports. It is permanent and uninterrupted and is broadcasted 24/7.

Esports betting games

E-sports tournaments are organized and launched by the game developer company, or by sports authorities within the country, and the characteristics of each tournament vary according to the organizing body, and the game being competed for. Among the most important types of esports betting games that you can participate in are:

There are other types such as (Speed ​​Run) in which players compete to finish the stage quickly before the competitors. But these genres are not widespread and are not very popular among players around the world.

How do we rate online esports betting sites?

It is very important to choose a suitable site to place your bets on esports through. There are some basic criteria on the basis of which our team of experts evaluate esports betting sites, and they are as follows:

1. Trustworthiness and credibility

It is very important to put your money in one of the sites that enjoy high confidence and credibility among players and bettors in general. Also check the licenses obtained by the site and read a lot of reviews to make sure of the extent of the trust and credibility it enjoys.

2. Bonuses and promotions

Many esports betting sites offer special bonuses and offers aimed at attracting players. Always choose the sites that offer the best online betting bonuses and offers.

3. Variety of esports

Esports is a very large category of sports as there are hundreds of games and competitions that you can bet on. It is important that the site you choose offers a variety of esports in order to get higher betting odds.

4. Best odds

The first goal of betting in general is to make the largest possible profits, and for this reason it is very important to choose the esports betting sites that offer higher betting odds than others so that you will be able to make more winnings if you place the right bet.

5. Live support

There is always the possibility that you will encounter some problems with online casino and sports betting sites, but dealing with that in the best way requires choosing a betting site that offers a live support service that specializes in answering all your inquiries throughout the week.

Types of esports betting

As with the rest of sports betting, there are many different types of esports betting. Some may ask, are the types of esports betting similar to other types of sports betting? Well, some of the types are very similar, but there are some types of bets that you will only find in esports. In this section, let’s get acquainted with 4 of the most prominent types of esports betting:

Tournament winner betting

Betting on the tournament winner is a bet offered by most e-sports betting sites, but be careful, predicting the winner in an e-sports tournament before its launch is extremely difficult, as most tournaments are played online, which increases the chances of fluctuations and sudden changes in levels The players and therefore the teams.

Match winner betting

Betting on a match winner is a very popular and popular type of betting in most sports betting including football betting and tennis betting for example. We can say that betting on the winner of the match is very similar to betting on the winner of the tournament but on a smaller scale, as it is also difficult to predict the winner of a match in esports because of the fluctuation of levels when playing in the online system. It is important to look for sites that offer the best betting odds when it comes to betting on the winner of the match in esports betting.

Match score betting

Betting on the final result is also a common type of bet in other sports betting on the one hand, and is similar to betting on the winner of a tournament or match on the other hand in light of the difficulty of prediction, and it may be more difficult because predicting the result accurately is much more difficult than predicting the name of the team or player winner. However, there is a big plus, if you are right in the prediction, the odds of the bet are very high, and therefore the winnings are large.

First kill betting

The first kill bet is a bet that is limited to esports and you can’t find it in any other type of sports betting, and it means the bet on the team or player who will make the first kill in the match, and it is a very common bet in games such as؛ PUBG Betting, DOTA 2 and LOL . This bet is usually settled quickly because the first kill takes place during the first 2-3 minutes of the match.

Esports betting tips

esports betting tips

As with football betting and horse racing betting, there are some important tips and strategies that you can use to increase your winnings with e-sports betting. In this paragraph, you will learn about 4 of the most important tips and strategies that will help you achieve the largest profits in esports betting:

Money management

Good money management is one of the most important tips that you should follow in any kind of betting, not just esports betting. It is very important to put a small amount of your total balance to bet, and always remember that losing is a possibility in betting in general. Try to distribute your money logically while placing bets and when your balance runs out stop playing, because if you continue you will lose more and more.

Play the games you are willing to bet on

It is very important that you play the games you want to bet on in order to know more about all the mysteries and secrets related to them. Explore the rules and regulations and learn more about the most prominent tricks and tactics used in each game you want to bet on, as this will help you understand the way the game works on the one hand, and make bets more logically and correctly on the other.

Know the players and teams

Knowing the players, their features, the ways they play, and getting to know the teams and players they include in their ranks are both very important factors that must be taken into account before placing a bet. Think of it as if you’re betting on a soccer team, you can’t bet on a team that you don’t know who their players are and what the system or format they play in. It’s very similar in esports.

Watch live matches

As in the previous point, think again about it as if it were a football match. Can an analytical reading of what you believe in reading a live match is 100%? of course not. Watching esports matches live will greatly help you to understand the game more clearly and define your decisions about the bets you will place more clearly. The largest esports betting sites offer a live coverage service at the highest level, through which you can follow the matches.

FAQs about esports betting

Is esports betting safe?

Esports betting is safe if you register on one of the highly trusted and credible sites recommended by Iraq betting sites.

Is it possible to watch esports matches online?

Of course, many esports betting sites offer live coverage of esports tournaments. In addition, you can watch esports matches across global platforms such as Youtube and Twitch.

What are the most popular esports games?

There are many famous esports games in the world including DOTA 2, League of Legends, CS:GO and FIFA.

What are the best esports betting sites?

There are many trusted sites where you can bet on esports, most notably Betfinal and 1XBet.