Responsible Betting

For many people, online betting is exactly what it ought to be an amazing way to spend leisure and to pass time. Nevertheless, for a small group, online gambling may be a problem.

The widest majority of our online customers will most likely never experience a problem. Nevertheless, betting responsibly is not just confined to those that have a betting problem or are at a high risk of developing a problem. This is the best strategy for everyone!

On our website, we are fully committed to assisting our visitors to keep it fun by advertising and marketing those betting operators, which promote responsible and safe online gambling. Furthermore, by providing guidance and information to those who are not able to control their gambling trends?

The licensed sites that we strongly recommend assist by providing the functionality to:

Autoplay controlsFor those who like to use the auto-play feature when playing games, you will be requested to choose your loss limits and stake before you start. Also, if you like, you can opt to pause your game after you hit the jackpot, so you do not eat into your winnings.

Self-ExcludeYou have the capability to stop gambling and self-exclude altogether. The Self-exclusion might be applicable for anything from 6 months to 5 years.

Take a break–You might set the break period to range between 24 hours and 6 weeks.

View your gambling activities history–To allow you to keep track of your activities; you can access your transaction history, withdrawals, and deposits.

Set the deposit limitsYou may set limits that can be set for durations ranging between daily to monthly and can be increased, decreased, and removed completely.

Set reality checksOffering time-outs and prompts to assist you to manage the duration you play online.

How To Know Whether You Have A Problem?

The best way to determine whether your betting is longer entertaining and might be becoming uncontrollable is by asking yourself the questions below:

  • Do you bet alone on your PC or mobile phone for extended durations, probably skipping work or other tasks to do so?
  • Have you been forced to increase your betting stake more and more to achieve the levels of excitement you want?
  • Do you constantly suffer agitation, irritability, and mood swings whenever you are not betting?
  • Do you bet to escape other problems or issues in your life?
  • Have you in any way claiming to be winning from online betting, when as a matter of fact, you were losing?
  • Have you previously tried to minimize either the money or time you spend gambling unsuccessfully?
  • Ever been tempted in any way to commit acts of dishonesty to be in a position to fund your betting?
  • Do you go back online to bet, on other days, just to win back some money you had lost previously?
  • Do you have to hide betting from your family members or loved ones?
  • Ever borrowed money from different sources that you have not been able to pay back because of your gambling or you are in debt as a result of betting?
  • Have you ever been forced to sell off your valued possessions to get money to bet or pay betting debts?
  • Have you found yourself constantly breaking promises to loved ones and family, so you can bet instead?

If your answer to any of the above questions is “yes” then you need to control your betting. You can use the following information as a guide.

Also, you can take the “Worried About Your Betting” confidential quiz on BeGambleAware site and also try their betting calculator to get an overview of whether your betting is becoming an issue.

What To Do If You Think You Have A Gambling Problem?

The initial step in assuming control is, to be honest with yourself and accept the fact that you have a problem, but you also have the will to deal with the problem. Having done this, you have taken a big step to address the problem. You might be astonished by how easy it can be to deal with the problem. At times all it takes is to stand back and realize that you have been having some behaviors showing you have a problem and devise the best approach to resume gambling control. Else, you might feel that you need support, advice and help.

What To Do To Control Your Online Betting Problem

There are specific technical steps that you can take to fully control your betting behaviors. Check through them to determine whether there is something you can do, else you should ask for help.

  • Start by asking a person you trust to handle your finances for a specific duration (for instance, two months), alternatively, you can seek help to set a budget.
  • Limit the levels of your expenditure or deposits or the period you spend gambling online. The gaming sites we recommend offer tools that allow you to impose your expenditure limits.
  • You can reward yourself for “gambling free” durations by spending the money you have saved on something else for yourself or a loved one.
  • If nothing seems to work, stop betting. You can self-exclude yourself from the sites where you play slots or bet. If you strongly believe that exclusion will work for you, it is recommended that you take suitable breaks from all forms of betting.
  • If you prefer to prevent access to other gambling, wagering or gaming facilities on the web, you can seek help from other sources.
  • Consider using a calendar to mark every day that you don’t bet, so you can easily see the progress you are making.

Ask For Help

Do you believe that your gambling problem is quite significant that you cannot control it? If so, there are numerous organizations and groups to contact to help you via this challenging process of controlling the gambling problem to ensure it does not ruin your life.

Keep in mind that you are never alone.

There are many people who understand exactly what you are going through and can help. For instance, you will find a group of Gamblers Anonymous within your area. Just pick up your phone and speak to them. It can change your entire life.

If you feel that you need more detailed advice, or more counseling and help, please get in touch with any of these independent help services.

Playing casino games should be nice, but do not play games if your health or the well-being of those you care about can be negatively affected by your gambling problem.


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This casino is not allowed in your country,
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