Three card poker

Three card poker

In 1997, American inventor Derek Webb launched the 3 card poker game to be offered at traditional casinos and online casinos as well. This game has achieved great fame in a short time because it’s easy to understand, has a fast pace, and gives players huge profits. On this page, we will discuss all the details of this game, so that you could get the max winnings from this game, and choose the right casino that offers it.

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Best three card poker casinos

These casinos offer you a great selection of poker games, plus many other poker kinds:

What are the bonuses of three card poker?

The bonuses offered for 3 Cards Poker are very limited compared to other casino games. however, our recommended casinos give you many bonuses that apply for this game such as: (welcome bonus and new deposit bonuses).

Is there a strategy to win three Card poker?

Unfortunately, 3 Card Poker is about chance and randomness, so it is difficult for players to use any of the strategies. However, if you are looking for a strategic game, you can play : (Texas Hold’em, Omaha Hai).

Advantages of three Card Poker

Advantages of three Card Poker

Although three card poker is not as popular as traditional poker games, it has many attractive advantages, namely:

  • Fast as slots games – 3 Cards Poker is primarily designed to be played on slot machines and at internet casinos, so it is very similar to the gameplay of online slots and video poker games.
  • Simple and easy as baccarat and blackjack – 3 Cards Poker has many similarities to Baccarat and Blackjack; In all of these games player is playing against the dealer, all of them begin when the player places an initial bet on his hand, and the results of these games are determined when the dealer reveals his cards.
  • Has the same hand ranking of all poker games – in the three card poker the player and dealer compete for getting the highest hand ranking like any other poker game.
  • Support side bets – this game has 2 side betting options (6 Card Bonus, Pair Plus).
Disadvantages of the three card poker

Disadvantages of the three card poker

  • No strategies! – although three Card Poker is very similar to live blackjack, online baccarat, and live poker it does not depend on skill and strategy like these games! It is designed to be based on luck only; However, players who can make the right decisions at the right time can get a limited advantage in 3 Card Poker!
  • No many bonuses offered for 3 Card Poker – unfortunately, online casinos do not offer players bonuses for this game. Because its popularity is limited compared to slots, table, and card games.
  • You won’t find it often! Online casinos and traditional casinos offer a limited number of 3 Card Poker games compared to other poker games like Texas poker
  • No available tournaments – online poker networks organize lots of tournaments for different poker games. However, there are no such tournaments for 3 Cards Poker because it is not a competitive game like other poker variants.
three card poker winning tips

Three card poker winning tips

  • Choose a highly reputable casino – If you chose one of our recommended iraq casinos, you will enjoy a safe, fair, and profitable gaming experience.
  • Diversify your bets – if you repeat your bet over and over without varying them, you will quickly get bored of playing! So, try starting each spin as your first game and place a different bet for each spin, so you can enjoy the excitement of the entire gaming session.

Three cards game rules

Similar to online blackjack and live baccarat games, three card poker is a competitive game between the player and the dealer. it begins when the player places his Ante bet on his hand before receiving any card.

Then the player gets 3 face-up cards, while the dealer gets 3 face-down cards. If the player believes that his hand will beat the dealer, he will place his second bet which is equal to the initial bet. while If the player feels that his hand is weak, he can give up and surrender, but he will lose his first bet.

After that, the dealer’s hand will be revealed to determine the winner. If the player wins, he will get 1x three card poker payouts!

Side bets on the three Card Poker

There are two types of side bets in 3 Card Poker, namely:

  • (Pair Plus) – the player wins this bet if his hand contains two cards of the same suit, the minimum bet starts from $ 1 and goes up to $ 5,000 per spin. This online bet gives players a winning based on the pair ranking according to the following order:

1.    Straight Flush – 40: 1.

2.    Three of a Kind – 30: 1

3.    Straight – 30: 1

4.    Flush – 4: 1.

5.    Pair – 1: 1.

  • (6 Card Bonus) – This bet is based on the top 5 cards (from both player and dealer hands) and this bet offers winnings according to the following order:

1.    Royal Flush – 1000: 1.

2.    Straight Flush – 200: 1.

3.    Four of a Kind – 100: 1

4.    Full House – 25: 1.

5.    Flush – 15:1

6.    Straight – 1:10.

7.    Three of a Kind – 5: 1.

Three Card Poker Strategy

As we have previously mentioned, the three card poker game does not give players the ability to apply strategies. However, players can still apply the following poker strategy:

When your hand is composed of (Q – 6 – 4) or higher, you must always continue playing and not surrender.

But if your hand has any combination that is lower than (Q – 6 – 4), you should surrender and don’t place more bets on your hand!

This strategy depends on mathematical probabilities since these three cards are the lowest possible winning hand you can get to beat the dealer.

It is worth noting that the dealer will lose 44.91%, while the player will lose 55.03% in the long term, while the rest percentage is a tie between the two hands. But if you stick to this strategy, your win rate will increase by 5.29%.

Some players apply another strategy based on raising their iraq betting if they got one or more high cards, this strategy can reduce the house edge to 3.45% compared to 7.65% when player relies on luck only.

In general, the (Q – 6 – 4) strategy reduces the house edge more than any other strategy, and you can use it to save a lot of money in the long term.

Poker hand ranking

  • (Royal Flush) – This hand includes the following cards (Ace, King, Queen, Jack).
  • (Straight Flush) – 3 consecutive cards with the same suit.
  • (Three of a kind) – 3 cards have the same picture or numerical value.
  • (Straight) – 3 consecutive cards with different suits.
  • (Flush) – 3 cards have different values, but they are from the same suit.
  • (Pair) – Two cards of the same value.
  • (High Card) – The highest card in the hand. (it wins when the competitor doesn’t have any poker pattern).

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