Volleyball Betting

Volleyball Betting

Volleyball betting offers a rewarding and unique option for sports betting. Usually considered a niche market, it can be easier for punters to find the best value in volleyball betting.

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Volleyball markets

  • Win Match
  • Set Score
  • Total Points
  • Points Handicap

volleyball Betting tips

  • Avoid New Teams
  • Set Realistic Goals
  • Manage your Bankroll
  • Bet at a Reputable Online Bookmaker
Volleyball Betting Types of Online Volleyball Bets

Types of Online Volleyball Bets

  • Match bet
  • Point Spread bet
  • Point Spread bet
  • Prop bet
  • Set Handicap
  • Volleyball Futures bet


Volleyball Betting Live Volleyball Betting

Live Volleyball Betting

  • Set Betting – predict which team’ll win the upcoming set
  • Technical Time-Out Betting – predict which team’ll lead at the first technical time-out in the upcoming set.
  • Odd Even Points – predict the total number of points in the upcoming set’ll be odd or even.
  • First Point betting – which team’ll score the first point in next set


Volleyball Online Betting

While volleyball may not be as popular as other types of sports like football betting, many highly competitive fixtures are ideal for betting on. As with all the other iraq sports betting  offered at Betfinal, there are many markets within the online volleyball betting world to choose from.

1x2betting is one of the most common ways to place bets on volleyball, as it just involves betting on the team that will win the match. On the other hand, the total sets of the game are also a good market that has proven to be popular among punters.

Betfinal casino gives you a chance to place bets on almost all competitions ranging from the FVIB World Championships and the Olympic volleyball to the World Cup and the World League. Since Betfinal covers all the popular volleyball games, you get a chance to choose the matches you want to bet on  on the odds that suits you best.

In the same way as pre-match betting, Betfinal also offers in-play online volleyball betting. This means you can be watching a game and if you feel that something is going to happen, with Betfinal bonus gives you a chance to place a bet and stand a chance of winning big.

With volleyball online betting available through a desktop or on your mobile device, you can just download Betfinal Sports Betting App and place a bet on volleyball from wherever and whenever you want.

How to bet on volleyball?

Betfinal offers many markets that you can bet on, below we will review the most known betting markets on volleyball to know how to bet on volleyball.

  • Money Line

In the same way as MMA bets or handball betting,  in volleyball Money Line usually refers to placing bets on who wins the match.

  • Handicap

Handicap betting is provided when a team is considered to be the best favorite against another. To balance the playing field, Betfinal offers a handicap on different sets in the winning margin.

For instance, if a team has a handicap of about -2.5, a wager on them is only successful if it wins in straight sets. Supporting the opposing team on + 2.5 wins the bet even after you lose the match, as long as you claim the set.

  • Total Sets

Total betting entails predicting if the number of sets in the volleyball match will be below or above the figure provided by a bookmarker, such as 3.5. This gives punters the chance to bet on how close the match would be instead of who wins it, offering the punter some flexibility without having to rely on the Money Line.

Volleyball Betting at your Fingertips

Having your Betfinal account at your fingertips gives you the ability to access and manage everything with a single touch of the button. Placing your stake on Betfinal’s user-friendly site is quick and easy for placing bets when on the move, just follow these three easy steps:

  • Click the volleyball icon on the bookmaker’s homepage
  • Pick your game and the market where you want to bet
  • Enter the bet amount and confirm your bet

When you click on the ‘More Bets’ tab you can see the different types of bets on offer like Correct Score, Point Handicap, or Match Result.

All the types of bet offered are available on iraqbetting and pre-game.

Types of Bets in Volleyball

With Betfinal, there is a multitude of volleyball bets that you can place.

  • 2Way Betting or Volleyball Matchup Bet

The match up bet, commonly known as the 2way, is a simple type of bet where you try to predict the team that will win an upcoming fixture. Like other types of sports, volleyball matchup bets are credited to attract betting action on different sides of each wager, even in cases where one of the teams is your favorite.

Based on where you bet on the volleyball games, a matchup bet is presented to you in American, fractional or decimal odds format. If you opt to place a bet on your favorite team, you can be asked to wager more money for a limited win. Betting on the least favorite team gives you more attractive odds.

Volleyball Totals – Over/Under Betting

In volleyball, totals betting usually work the same way as other types of sports. If you are not familiar with totals, you have nothing to worry about because totals are very simple. When it comes to the totals bet, a volleyball oddsmaker chooses a number that represents the overall number of points that would be scored in the game. Your work is to predict whether that number is too low or too high.

For example, if Betfinal sets the total to be 190.5. You have the power to choose over or under. If you choose over, you will be wagering that the total number of points that have been scored in the fixture is higher than 190.5. Typically, you get to win if the total is 191 or more. Else, if you pick under, you are betting that the total number of points would be 190 or less.

Bonuses for betting on volleyball

Bonuses and promotions are rarely offered for betting on volleyball. Because this sport is less popular compared to football or online horse race betting. However, you still can use the general bonuses to bet on volleyball matches such as:

  • Welcome bonus
  • New deposit bonus
  • Cash-back

Among the top sports betting sites in terms of offers and bonuses right now are:


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