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AsiaHawala is a smartphone Iraqi wallet that launched in 2017. This eWallet gives many great advantages for the Iraqi people. As you can use it to make online transfers, recharge your Asia Cell line balance, utility bills, receive your salary, shop online or in traditional stores. Also, you can use it on sports betting sites and online casinos like Betfinal.

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Pros of AsiaHawala

Asia Hawala image

Cons of AsiaHawala

What are the advantages of the AsiaHawala App?

AsiaHawala App is easy to use, responsive, and available on all smartphones. You can use this App in Arabic, English or Kurdish languages. In addition, its interface is similar to Zain Cash in many features and functions. So, you will will quickly get used to it.

How to create a new account on Asia Hawala?

To register to the Asia Hawala service, you must have a smartphone or tablet with an Asia hawaii SIM, and follow the following steps:

Type in (*211#) then press Call.

You will see the following message: (Welcome to Asia hawala to register, press 1). So, press 1, then click submit.

After that, the following message will appear: (The wallet has been successfully activated for your number).

Download (Asia Hawala) App from Google Play or App Store.

Choose your preferred language from the following options: (Arabic, English, Kurdish).

After that, the application will offer you two options: (register a new account or log in to an already existing account).

To be able to open a new account in the App, you will need to enter your phone number. And the wallet will ask you to enter a new 4-digit password.

You will receive the (OTP) code on your phone number, which you must enter in the wallet to activate your account.

Pros of AsiaHawala

After that, you will receive the following message on your phone number: “Your account has been activated successfully; The temporary wallet has a validity of 60 days. Please visit the nearest Asiacell agent to upgrade your subscription”.

During the 60 days, you will be able to use all the wallet functions without restrictions. But, if you want to use this wallet permanently, you should go to one of Asiacell’s agents and bring your personal documents, Such as the national identity card, or passport, in addition to the residence card. The agent will view these documents and then upgrade your subscription for free.

What are the advantages of AsiaHawala?

Asia Hawala offers many excellent features, such as:
1. Account statement
By this option, you can view your previous financial transactions.
2. Money Transfer
You can transfer to any account on Asia Hawala or Zain Cash. The transfer fees are only 0.25%, meaning 2.5 dinars per 1,000 Iraqi dinars. For example, if you live in Basra and want to transfer 2000 dinars to another person who is in Baghdad, he will receive 1995 dinars within 24 hours at most.
3. Asia Cell Credit Recharge
You can recharge your phone balance using the funds available on your wallet account. Also, you can top up the balance for any other user by entering his phone number.
The Asiacell wallet gives credit free of taxes and fees. For example, if you buy a balance of 6,000 dinars, you will pay only 6,000. Whereas if you recharge your balance by the traditional methods, you will pay 6,500 dinars to get a balance of 5,000 dinars.
4. Paying for goods and services
AsiaHawala deals with many services and goods providers in Iraq. And if you use this wallet to make payments, you will get discounts ranging from 5% to 50%.
5. Pay household bills
With Asia Cell you can pay your home facilities bills.
6. Buying voucher cards
Through the AsiaCell app, you can buy cards for various applications, websites and games, such as: (iTunes, Google Play, Xbox, PlayStation, Steam, Amazon, Facebook Games, CashU, PUBG, Razer Gold, Minecraft, Nintendo, Fastlink, Careem, AsiaCell Internet).
It worth mentioning that Asia Hawala offers you very affordable rates for e-cards. For example, if you want to charge 600 UC in the PUBG game, you will pay only 12,100 Iraqi dinars.
To buy a voucher card, all you have to do is choose the service, the card’s value, and after that enter the password for your wallet. Then you will receive a message containing the card number and its CVV code. The price of the cards available on this application ranges between 10 dollars and reaches a maximum of 100 dollars.
7. My wallet
With this option, you can know your balance, learn about the last five transactions, and view the account statement. You can also change the language or the password.
8. Pending Transactions
Financial transactions require processing time ranging from one to 24 hours, and you can take a look at these transactions through this option.

How to recharge my account on Asia Hawala wallet?

Cons of AsiaHawala

To be able to transfer money, pay for goods and services, or buy voucher cards, you must have a balance in your account first! And you can recharge your balance by the following methods:

It is worth mentioning that all financial transactions on Asia Hawala require a period ranging from one hour to 24 hours. That is, if you go to an agent and recharge your account balance, the balance will appear within a maximum of one day in your account.

What are the fees of AsiaHawala?

Depositing funds in your account is completely free, whatever the charging value! Whereas withdrawing funds will be subject to a fee of 1%; However, you may not need to withdraw the funds in cash, as you can use your balance to buy various products and services online or in traditional stores with the wallet, and you will get a discount in every time you use this wallet!

Is AsiaHawala better or Zain Cash?

What are the advantages of the AsiaHawala App

AsiaHawala wallet has many features similar to Zain Cash. Both of them provide service via the smartphone application, and you can use any of them to transfer money to other users, buy various goods and services, get a salary, buy voucher cards, charge the phone credit without fees or taxes, pay household bills. Also, you can recharge your account on the two wallets using Visa or Mastercard.

In addition, if you have an AsiaHawala wallet, you can the money to Zain Cash users and vice versa. Likewise, the fees are 0.025%, while the fees of cash out funds are 1%.

The most prominent feature that Zain Cash excels over Asia hawala, is the prepaid (WalletCard), which you can use freely on all websites, ATMs inside and outside Iraq, and it doesn’t require a bank account!

The WalletCard price is 17,500 Iraqi dinars, and sometimes Zain company offer discounts and sell it for 15,000 dinars only. At the current time, Zain offers residents in Baghdad a free delivery service for the WaltCard!

You can track your spending on this card through the Zain Cash app. However, there is a major disadvantage of this card, which is that it does not support conversion from the Iraqi dinar to the US dollar and vice versa!

Also, Zain Cash App supports payment through the QR code, a feature that is not available in Asia Hawala.

Recently, Zain Cash wallet announced that it is possible to activate the wallet on any Iraqi line. So, if you own an Asia Cell line, you can activate a Zain Cash wallet on it easily! However, it is worth mentioning that it is not possible to activate more than one wallet on one line, meaning that you cannot have an Asia Hawala wallet and Zain Cash on the same number.

What is the difference between Asia Hawala and PayPal?

PayPal is the oldest, widely used, most advanced eWallet ever. It offers users many wonderful advantages as it can be used to transfer and receive money online from users around the world, make payments to various sites and services, and receive salaries from private companies. But, despite these unmatched features, PayPal wallet isn’t available in Iraq!

However, AsiaHawala offers most of these features, so you will not feel a big difference between them, especially if your financial operations are limited to transferring money to users inside Iraq betting and paying bills for goods and services only.

Can I use AsiaHawala at online casinos and sports betting sites?

AsiaHawala is an Iraqi local wallet, launched 5 years ago. So it is not available in a lot of online casinos and football betting sites. However, Betfinal casino accepts it! is the best sports betting site and online casino in Iraq, it supports Arabic, English, and Kurdish language. Also, it accepts US dollars and Iraqi dinars. On this site, you can make deposits and withdrawals using Asia Hawala and Fast-Pay wallets.

Betfinal offers betting online options on more than 30 global sports, virtual sports, and games. Besides, it offers a wide range of casino games coming from top-tier studios like Microgaming and NetEnt.

How to deposit/ withdraw in Betfinal using AsiaHawala?

To use Asia Hawala at Betfinal casino, you must follow the following steps:

You will be able to use the deposit balance to bet on sports or enjoy casino games, while the bonus balance is dedicated to casino games or best sports betting ony.


eWallets have become the “new banks” of the modern era. For that, many Iraqi telecom companies launched their eWallets! AsiaHawala is one of the best Iraqi wallets that you can count on to make your transactions easily and safely. With this wallet, you can transfer money to family and friends, receive salary, top up your mobile credit, and pay for services and goods. In short, whatever your needs and requirements, AsiaHawala will be suitable for you!

How long is the AsiaHawala trial version?

When you create a new account at AsiaHawala, you will have a temporary account available for 60 days only. During this period, you can use all the wallet functions. And if you want to use the wallet permanently, you should go to the nearest agent with your ID, residential proof, and sometimes you are required to bring a 4×6 photo. Also, the user must be at least 18 years old. And you can charge your account on the wallet while you are at the agent.

Does this wallet dedicated to businessmen?

No, AsiaHawala is for everyone! You can rely on it to pay for various goods and services and you will get great discounts ranging from 5% to 50%. Also, you can use it to make deposits and withdrawals on Betfinal.

What is the maximum balance on this wallet?

The maximum balance amount on AsiaHawala is 20 million Iraqi dinars ($13,711). And you can charge your balance on the wallet with US dollars or Iraqi dinars.

What is the AsiaHawala code?

(*211#). You can use this number to activate your wallet and access some functions such as charging your phone credit, transferring money to another user, or paying internet bills.

What are the sports betting sites and online casinos that accept the Asia Hawala wallet?

At the current time, Betfinal is the only site that accepts AsiaHawala. Bet Final offers betting options on more than 30 global sports in addition to esports and virtual games. Also, it offers over 2,000 high-quality casino games as well.

Does Asia hawala Kurdish language?

Yes, Asia hawala support Kurdish language