Crazy Time


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Crazy Time is one of the most exciting Evolution Gaming titles, This game was launched in 2020, And it is based on the monopoly theme which is preferred by many online casino players around the world. Crazy Time features 4 bonus rounds, each offers huge payouts for the lucky players.

In this review, we will explain to you the rules of this game, the best casinos that offer it, and many other details!

List of Best Crazy Time Casinos

award bgOur Pick Of Top Casinos - May 2024
1 betfinal
Betfinal en
200% up to $3000
200% up to $3000
2 cosmoswin
Cosmoswin en
250% up to €230
250% up to €230
3 hazcasino
Haz Casino en
100% up to €1000
100% up to €1000
4 yyycasino
YYY Casino
100% up to $500
100% up to $500
5 betway logo 1 2
Betway en
100% up to $2000
100% up to $2000
6 casinocom
Casinocom en
% up to $400
7 regent play
Regent Casino
150% up to €150
150% up to €150
8 playojo
100% up to 50 FS
100% up to 50 FS
9 genesiscasino
Genesis Casino
100% up to 300
10 unibet
100% up to €30
100% up to €30
11 22bet
22 Bet
100% up to €122
100% up to €122
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Tips to win Crazy Time game

Fibonacci Strategy

Betting limits on Crazy Time

If you want to bet with more money to get higher winnings, you should get the largest available number of bonuses and promotions from the online casino!

What are the best casino evolution gaming?

How Crazy Time game presented?

This game is presented in a huge studio full of gorgeous graphics and vivid colors, And every element in the studio is eye-catching! Even dealer outfits that will remind you of Alice in Wonderland characters, the Pixar movies, and DreamWorks films!

You can spend many hours playing crazy time without getting bored! It combines impressive graphics, huge winning payouts, and an immersive show that makes it like a part of a Hollywood movie! Also, The sound effects add more excitement to the game.

You will have the usual features of live casino games such as the ability to set the display quality, choose the angle of the camera, get in touch with the dealer or other players by live chat, and play via smartphone or computer.

You will get additional winnings from slot game!

At the same time that the dealer is spinning the wheel, there is a slot game that will be spun, which will offer a random prize to the winning choice.

The slot game prize is separate from the main game prize! So, you will have an opportunity to get more wins.

The slot game does not depend on paylines or winning patterns like other slot games. However, it contains only two reels, the first reel determines the winning choice and the second determines the winning value.

That is, the game Crazy Time offers you winning by 3 different methods:


1. Crazy Time bonus round

If the wheel stops on the “Crazy Time” slot, the dealer will open the red door and offer players a giant Monopoly wheel. Each player can bet on yellow, blue, or green. The three options offer wins but with different amounts. And these wins are determined by the huge money wheel. The winnings that can be made from this wheel are up to 20,000x!

2. Pachinko Bonus round

This round is based on the famous Japanese game Pachinko, where there is a circular disc that will fall from the wall, then the dealer will insert it on the box and this disc will continue to descend until it settles on the cash prize that you will get it, which ranges from 2x to 10,000x!

3. Cash Hunt bonus round

The Cash Hunt round takes you to a screen containing 108 random multiples ranges from 100x up to 2kx! These massive multiples are hidden by symbols and then they are shuffled, Players can choose a symbol, and after revealing them you will see the win that you got.


4. Coin Flip bonus round

If the wheel stops on the Coin Flip slot, the dealer will move to another screen that displays the reward you will get if the coin settles on the blue or the red faces. Then the coin is tossed to receive the advertised bonus!

What are the winning odds in Crazy Time?

In the following table, You can see which option has the highest winning odds and payouts.

Betting OptionNumber of SlotsWinning Percentage
Number 12037%
Number 21425.93%
Number 5712.96%
Number 1047.4%
Coin Flip47.4%
Cash Hunt23.7%
Crazy Time11.85%

How to play and win real money from Crazy Time?

There 4 main features and steps that can help you to play and win real money from crazy time which are as following:

Step 1

If you want to get the highest winnings from the crazy time game and other game shows, you must register at the best casino evolution gaming such as Betfinal Casino or 888 Casino

Step 2

You should diversify your bets

Step 3

Take advantage of the bonuses that the casino offers

Step 4

Play with clear strategy

Conclusion – Crazy Time is the best online real money game!

(Crazy Time) is one of the best online real money games! It gives you unparalleled winnings and takes you to a wonderful cinematic world that contains captivating visual and graphic effects, the RTP rate of this game is 96.08% which is very high in comparison with other casino games, however, you must bear in mind that this game is very volatile like any other game show.

What are the betting options on Monopoly Online (Crazy Time)?

The game starts by placing a bet on any of these options:
Crazy Time
Coin Flip
Cash Hunt
You can bet on more than one option in one round. After that, the dealer will spin the wheel which can either choose a number or lead to one of the bonus rounds. And The player will win his bet if the wheel stops on the option that the player bet on.
For example, if the wheel stops on Number 1 then the player who bet on that option will get 1x his bet. Whereas it stops on Number 5 the winner will get 5x his bet, and if it stops at number 10 the winner will win 10x. But if the wheel stops on one of the bonus rounds, he will get much bigger winnings!

What is crazy time game?

Crazy Time has a huge wheel of fortune. At the beginning of each round, the dealer turns this wheel until it stops and the indicator chooses one of the slots. Each slot has its payouts, and you can bet on one or more slots during the same round to increase your chances of winning.
Crazy Time is based on luck only, so you can place your bet at the beginning of the round then you can enjoy watching the game’s dazzling show! If luck is on your side, you can win up to 20,000x your bet!
In other words, if you bet on the game with one dollar, you can get 20 thousand dollars! So what are you waiting for?! Try it now!

What is the crazy time wheel?

The Crazy Time Wheel contains 54 slots, some slots of this wheel bear one of those numbers: (1,2,5,10), the wheel also contains the following bonus slots: (Cash Hunt, Pachinko, CoinFlip, Crazy Time) and Each one has a unique color.
At the beginning of each round, the dealer spins the wheel until it stops to determine the winning choice. If the wheel stops on a number, the player will get his winning directly and a new round will start, but if the wheel stops on a bonus round, the dealer will move to another studio, which is completely different, to start a completely new different game.
However, If you didn’t bet on the bonus round, you can continue in the game to watch the show and the winnings that the lucky winners will receive!

What real win games are like Crazy Time?

Evolution Gaming offers a lot of real money games, such as: (Monopoly Live, Mega Ball, Deal or No Deal Live). You can enjoy these games at Betfinal Casino, which give the new players a welcome bonus of up to $ 1,350.