Dragon Tiger


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Dragon Tiger is a fast-paced Asian variant of the well-known Baccarat game. In this game, the main objective is to predict whether a Dragon or Tiger will hit the higher card. Players can also bet on a tie. However, the odds of this bet are very low like all other baccarat variants. Dragon Tiger is very popular especially after it was introduced by Evolution Gaming in 2018.

List of Best Dragon Tiger Casinos

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Best Dragon Tiger Online Casinos


Dragon Tiger Bets’ Payouts

How to Bet on Dragon Tiger Online Game?

There are 4 main features to consider while betting on Dragon Tiger online game which are:


To start the Dragon Tiger online game, you need first to sign up for one of the trusted online casinos. Our experts recommend Betfinal, as it offers you a generous welcome bonus of $1,350 that you can use to bet on any of the games it offers including Dragon Tiger and other live games as well. To find out more info about this operator, you can read the Betfinal review by clicking on the previous link.


After signing up for the casino and make your first deposit, you can click on the Live Games section and choose the Dragon Tiger game. Once the game starts, you will find a dealer who draws a card to each hand. You can participate in the play by clicking on the value you want to bet with. Then, click on the betting option, note that the time available to bet is only five seconds. So, you should make your decision quickly!


If you bet on Dragon/Tiger you will win 1x of your bet amount, if you bet on the tie option you will get 11x your bet value, while if you bet on a suit tie, you will get 50x your bet. The main difference between Tie and Suit Tie is that the first means the two cards will have equal values, while the second means that the cards will have the same values, symbols, and colours! Although the odds of Tie and Suit Tie are very low, they offer very high payouts, which tempts many players to try them!


The ideal strategy that you can apply to this game is to bet on Dragon/Tiger and place a bet on Tie and Suit Tie but at a low value. So, you are guaranteed to get a good win. You can also double your bet every spin on the same choice to make up for your losses and get a decent profit.

FAQs about Dragon Tiger


What Are the Winning Odds?

Dragon and tiger choices have the odds of %46.26 and they offer a payout of 1x. Tie bet has the probability of 0.7% and this bet’s winnings are 11x. While suited tie has a winning odd of 0.1% only. If you are planning to play this game for the long term, it is better to bet on Dragon or Tiger because these bets offer the lowest casino payout. Note that the odds of this game are much better than other baccarat games.

Is the game About Skill or Luck?

It is a game of luck, but you can apply some skill strategies like card counting or Martingale strategy and get decent payouts.


What is the Dragon Tiger Game?

Dragon Tiger is one of the simplest and fastest gambling games ever. It is one of the most popular casino games in Asian countries, when it was first introduced online in 2018 by Evolution Gaming, it became a trend among gamblers from all over the world.
The game begins when the dealer invites players to place an initial bet, then he draws one card for “Dragon” and “Tiger” hands, the winning hand is the one that gets the highest value. For example, if the dragon gets a Queen and the tiger gets 3, the dragon is the winner. In this game, each card equals its value while face cards always have a value of 10, while Ace equals 1 always. Here are the main differences between this variant and the main Baccarat rules:
In the baccarat game, the hands are called “Player” and “Banker”, while in the Dragon Tiger it is called “Dragon” and “Tiger”.
In dragon tiger, there is one card only dealt on “Dragon” and “Tiger” hands, but in baccarat, the dealer draws 2 cards for each hand.
The player in baccarat bets on the hand that will get the number 9 or the closest value to it. While in Dragon Tiger the player bets on the hand that will get the highest card.
The basic bet is placed on Dragon/Tiger winning; however, you can also bet on a tie or a suit tie (spades, clubs, hearts, or diamonds.) Note that tie bets pay very high because the odds of winning are very low. On the contrary, there is no suit bet in the most traditional baccarat variants.
One or more decks of cards can be used, but in most live games, the dealer use 6 – 8 decks to prevent card counters from using their preferred strategy!