Best Sports Betting Guide in Iraq


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Are you interested in the world of sports betting and looking for the best sites? Are you familiar with the different types of sports betting? Do you want to know the best tips and strategies to help you make big winnings with sports betting? If your answer is “yes” to any of these questions, we are happy to tell you that you are in the right place. IraqBet offers you the answers to all these questions and many more in our detailed guide to sports betting in Iraq.

The aim of sports betting is to select the prediction which will come true. Betting on sports not only makes matches even more exciting, but it is also a wonderful opportunity to make a nice profit! You can place bets as little as $0.10. However, if you are a high-roller or a whale you can place a bet up to $15,000. Sports betting depends on making the right decision at the right time, Prediction, skills, and a little luck! If you applied your sports knowledge smartly, you will make huge winnings in the long term

List of Sports Betting Casinos

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1 betfinal
Betfinal en
200% up to $3000
200% up to $3000
2 1xbet
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100% up to €1500
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3 cosmoswin
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250% up to €230
250% up to €230
4 hazcasino
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100% up to €1000
100% up to €1000
5 yyycasino
YYY Casino
100% up to $500
100% up to $500
6 betway logo 1 2
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100% up to $2000
100% up to $2000
7 casinocom
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% up to $400
8 regent play
Regent Casino
150% up to €150
150% up to €150
9 playojo
100% up to 50 FS
100% up to 50 FS
10 genesiscasino
Genesis Casino
100% up to 300
100% up to 300
11 unibet
100% up to €30
100% up to €30
12 22bet
22 Bet
100% up to €122
100% up to €122
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Best Sports Betting Sites

After determining the criteria for choosing the site, it is time to answer another important question, what are the best sports betting sites? After a comprehensive study, analysis and application of the specific criteria for choosing the best sites, the team of experts in Iraq betting identified some sites and considered them the best in this field.

Betfinal is considered one of the most prominent sites in this field, as the site offers attractive welcome bonuses and has a very high degree of credibility and security. In addition, the site offers good odds and also provides live streaming service of sports competitions.

In addition to Betfinal, 1XBet and 888Sports are very suitable sites as they also meet all the criteria set by our team of experts in IraqBet.

What Are “Odds” in Sports Betting?

Each betting option has its winning percent. This percentage is called the “odds” and the odds indicate the statistical of your bet won.

In general, higher odds means less profit. While lower odds mean high profit! So, if you bet on the “stronger team” all the time you will get a low profit but your winning is almost certain. However, if you bet on the “weak teams” you will have a very high profit but the winning chances of these teams are very low.

What Sports Bettings are Available in IraqBet?

sports betting online

As mentioned earlier, sports are diverse in the world and as varied as the bets on them. The question in your head now is: What sports can I bet on with the IraqBet? The answer is that we gives you the opportunity to bet on a large number of sports with the aim of satisfying all desires. The most important sports available for betting in IraqBet are:

IraqBet offers a detailed guide for each of these sports betting categories, in which you will find a detailed explanation that includes the best betting sites, how to register, types of betting as well as the best tips and strategies to achieve winnings in each of these sports betting.

How to Choose The Best Sports Betting Site?

It is very important to choose your favourite sports betting site carefully in order to avoid falling into scam problems. Our team of experts in IraqBet set 5 basic criteria on the basis of which the best sports betting sites are selected, which are as follows:

1. Bonuses and Promotions

The best sports betting sites feature attractive sports betting bonuses and promotions for bettors to encourage them to bet such us welcome bonuses, deposit Bonuses, non-deposit bonuses and many more.

2. License and Security

One of the most important criteria to consider when selecting the best site is the entities through which the site obtained its licenses. Whereas, obtaining the license from trusted institutions such as Curacao means that the site is very secure and reliable.

3. Available Sports

The diversity of sports available for betting is one of the most important criteria that distinguishes the best sites to bet on sports. In other words, the site should provide the opportunity for bettors to place bets on as many tournaments as possible in multiple sports.

4. Odds and Markets

For many bettors, this is the preferred criterion when choosing a site to bet on sports, as it gives them the opportunity to make bigger winnings.

5. Payment Methods

Multiple sports betting payment methods is one of the most important criteria that our Iraq betting experts are interested in when evaluating sports betting sites. Reputable sites offer many different payment methods, which vary between credit cards, e-wallets and digital currencies.

Types of Sports Betting

iraqbet betting good bankroll management techniques

The sports betting section is one of the most attractive sections for gambling enthusiasts in the world, due to the popularity and wide spread in which many sports in the world enjoy such as football, basketball, volleyball, tennis and other sports. As these sports vary, so do the types and forms of sports betting.

In this section, we will review the most important types of sports betting in the world:

Win Bets (Moneyline)

Win bet, or moneyline bet, is the most popular form of sports betting. Both terms refer to the exact same type of bet and it is used almost all over the world. All you have to do is choosing who you feel will win the game on which you are wagering.

The win bet is one of the simplest bets that can be placed for two main reasons. The first reason is that it is so easy to understand, and the second reason is that this type of bet can be used in almost every sport since it simply involves choosing who will win a game, match or other event.

Point Spread (Handicap)

Point spread betting, also known as handicap betting, is one of the most popular forms of betting in the world. Those who bet on football will be familiar with the point spread bet. In addition, it is also known as the go-to method of betting on basketball.

The basic concept behind this type of betting starts with the bookmaker choosing which side he thinks is best to win the game. Then, they will allocate a total number of points from which they expect the team to win the game. Then, it is up to you to assess whether the sports betting prediction has been overstated or underestimated.

Over/Under Bets (Totals)

Regardless of the sport, the over/under bets are the same in most betting markets. The idea is straightforward. Bookmakers estimate the total number of points scored in a particular game, and bettors can gamble over or under that number.

It is necessary to remember that the totals includes all the points that were scored in the game, and not just those that were recorded in the regulations. If you enter the game in overtime, these points are also added to the total.

Teasers Bets

A teaser bet is a variation on a parlay in that you still bundle two or more choices in a single wager, but you may now manipulate the point spreads in your advantage in exchange for a lesser total payoff. If the sportsbook offers a six-point teaser wager, a 3.5-point underdog would suddenly receive 9.5 points.

The disadvantage with teasers is that they are still difficult to hit, and your overall reward is significantly decreased when utilising the modified betting lines. A straight-up three-team parlay pays 6:1 on a winning bet, but if you tweak the spread in your favour, the payoff reduces to 2:1 on a winning bet.

Parlay Bets

Parlay bet is a gamble in which two or more picks are combined into a single wager. It might be as few as two distinct picks up to the limit established by a certain sportsbook. The parlay payout betting odds are changed based on the total number of choices you pack together.

For a two-team parlay, they usually start at a 11-6 return in your favour and may go as high as 320:1 for a 10 team parlay. The key to cashing in on a parlay is that all of your selections must win or the parlay will be lost. Parlays are a high-risk, high-reward sports wager that isn’t necessarily suitable for the faint of heart.

Prop Bets (Specials)

Again, two distinct terminology are used to describe the same sort of wager: prop bets and specials. Many experts urge serious bettors to stay away from this form of play since it is often seen as a gamble made more for the sake of entertainment than anything else. Many props are little more than guessing, but some of them can provide fantastic possibilities for making smart wagering judgments.

Outright Bets (Futures)

Futures and outright bets bases on picking the winner of an overall tournament. Most of the time, you’re making your selection long before of the actual athletic event. The name “futures” is connected with these bets as a result of this.

Because most of these outright bets are placed so long in advance of the event’s conclusion, picking the appropriate one can be difficult. You don’t have a lot of knowledge about how a team will do when betting on a sport before the season starts. As a result, the payments connected with them might be quite substantial. It’s vital to remember, though, that the appealing rewards indicate that these are dangerous bets.

Sports Betting Tip and Strategies

To achieve profits on the one hand, and stay in the safe betting zone on the other hand, there are many things that you have to keep in mind. Our team of experts in Iraq betting helps you through this section to bet safely and effectively by listing some of the most important tips and strategies related to sports betting:

Wager Withing Your Budget Limits

Allocate a small amount of your money to enter sports betting, and be very careful with this, because the possibility of losing money in sports betting is possible, so our advice to you is to set a specific budget for sports betting and try not to deviate from it. And if you lose all your money, don’t risk more money and know when to stop.

Focus on a Few Sports/Teams

Always try to focus on betting the sports you have experience in, with long follow-ups, etc. In addition, it is good to bet on teams or players that are well known to you. Knowledge of the team and its conditions as well as its numbers and stats are all factors that will increase your chances of placing the right bet.

Place Live Bets

Live betting is one of the most preferred bets for professional gamblers, because of the preference it gives to bettors as it gives them the opportunity to watch the match and analyse its events or prepare a quick reading or prediction of its course based on the analysis while watching.

Many bettors change their predictions and predictions for a particular match after the events start, as they are surprised by a different pattern than they expected. Live betting is helpful here as it gives you the opportunity to place a bet during and after reading the pattern of the match.

Plan For Long Term

Sports betting may be a lucrative method to make money, especially for experienced bettors. This isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme, though. Gambling can never be thought of as a quick method to make a few bucks or as a means to win a lot of money in a weekend. If you adopt this mindset, you will almost certainly end up with no money in your bank account and a slew of other problems.

When incentives are given in small amounts over a lengthy period of time, good sport recognises this. They seldom invest a significant amount of money in a game unless the odds are in their favour. Knowing this will enable you to make better decisions and focus on progressively increasing your savings account.

Use Different Websites

When it comes to sports betting, it should be a no-brainer to use various sporting bets. Each betting provider would have their own set of rewards, odds, and betting styles. Using several sports bets is the only method to get the most out of every game and time.

You won’t have to worry about setting up many bank accounts and managing them all at the same time. Modern times have arrived, and fast payment methods such as Skrill and PayPal have made your life easier by allowing you to handle your money from a single account.

Live Sports Betting

The sports betting sites that we offer in IraqBet also provide a live betting service that gives you the opportunity to place your bets while the match you wish to bet on is in progress.

The advantage of live betting is that it gives you the opportunity to benefit from the analysis of the course of the match while it is being played and to place your bet on it based on your expectations or conclusions of how the match will go.

Live betting is available in many sports such as football, basketball, tennis and other popular sports, and the odds are adjusted according to the progress of the match. So, you have a wonderful opportunity to place your bet at the right time.

Mobile Sports Betting

Betfinal Iraq Online Casino

If your lifestyle is fast and you don’t have the time to bet on your favourite sport using your computer, you can use your mobile phone or tablet to bet on any match on the go! download the bookmaker’s app on your smartphone to place bets, watch matches, and read the news about your favourite sports.

FAQs about Sports Betting

What’s the most profitable sports betting wager?

The highest sports betting types in terms of wins are (Special Bets) which include low winning odds bets such as: (determining the players who will be replaced, determining the lineup of teams, the angle of scoring goals, the team that will score the first goal, the player who will score the last goal).

What is the best betting strategy that sports betting experts recommend?

The best betting strategy that sports betting experts recommend is to place a Moneyline bet on the favorite (strong) team when it receives an early goal from the underdog (weak) team. For example, if Liverpool faced a weak team in the Premier League, but conceded an early goal in the first half. Therefore, the odds will be changed at the betting site and Liverpool will be considered the weak, however, the team has all the capabilities that qualify it to return to the match quickly, and thus you will get strong odds and high payouts!

What are the best sports to bet now?

The sports which have more fans give you more profits! So, the best sports to bet on are: Football, Hockey, Basketball, Horseracing, Tennis.

What are the most lucrative sports betting kinds?

The best bet sports kind is: winning team, Halftime/fulltime bets, Double Chance, Handicap ,Multibet.

What should you not do in sports betting?

– Don’t bet sports you’re unfamiliar with.
– Bet with your head, not your heart.
– Don’t try to make up for a losing weekend with one big bet at the end.
– Beware betting the over on power basketball teams.