Zynga Poker guide | win stunning in-kind prizes!


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In 2007, Zynga Company launched Zynga Poker flash game on social networks such as Facebook and Google+, this game is a free simulation of Texas Hold’em poker, and it does not include real money bets.

In 2013, Zynga Company launched the game app which works on IOS, Android, and Windows phone systems. Players can download this app from Google Play Store, App Store, Microsoft Store, and on the Zynga poker site as well.

In 2014, the number of Zynga players exceeded 350 million! according to Wikipedia.

Zynga Poker online game is very entertaining whether you play on your Facebook account or through the game’s application! However, the game is only available on smartphones and tablets!

How to play on the Zynga app?

Once you open the Zynga Poker app, you will find 4 options for registering a new account:

  • Sign up using your Facebook account data.
  • Registration with Apple/ Google account.
  • playing as a guest.
  • Fill out the registration form.

After you choose the Suitable way to sign up for your new account, the application will offer to send notifications for the latest offers and bonuses, and you can enable or cancel this feature as you want.

When you register for the first time, the game will give you a free $ 2,600,000 credit to play with! Besides, you can spin the slot game to get additional free credit.

If you choose to play as a guest, the game will give you an automatic nickname, and a pseudonym as well.

However, if you choose to register via Facebook or register through your Apple/ Google account, your account picture will be the same as the image on these accounts.

while if you signed up through the registration form, you can upload a new picture and choose your name on the Zynga app.

Then the app will offer you 3 choices:

  • Play a casual Texas Hold’em game
  • Zynga Poker tournament
  • Begin a new challenge

If you choose to play a casual game, you will be directed automatically to a table with real players, also you can invite your friends via Facebook or WhatsApp to join your table.

The best feature of the Zynga app that there are thousands of players are available around the clock. at the time of writing this guide, there were more than 59 thousand online players, which means that you can play against real players at any time throughout the day!

Learn game rules with the Zynga app

Since the Zynga Poker application gives you free credit, you can learn rules, practice strategy, and improve your skills! Also, you can take a look at the play statistics to find out when you won and which hands were lost. Besides, You can read about the hands’ ranking in the app.

VIP Zynga program

Zynga Poker has an impressive VIP program that offers you the following benefits:

  • additional chips
  • gold coins
  • Additional bonuses for inviting new players
  • Extra chips on your winning games

This program is separated into 7 levels:

  1. Sapphire (0 points)
  2. Emerald (2,000 points)
  3. Gold (10,000 points)
  4. Platinum (50,000 points)
  5. Ruby (250,000 points)
  6. Diamond (750,000 points)
  7. Black Diamond (2,500,000 points)

You can upgrade to the next levels when you get the required number of points, and you can obtain these points when you buy chips!

How much are the chips in the Zynga app?

At the time of writing this guide, the price of 15 million chips was only $1, while the price of 150 million chips was only $5.

How to get Zynga poker free chips?

You can get $500,000 worth of free chips if you watch a short video ad! Also, you can will be rewarded with $100,000 worth Zynga poker free chips if you invited a friend to download the game.

What prizes does Zynga give?

Because Zynga Poker is free it does not offer money winnings to its players, but it offers in-kind prizes like awesome watches!

What games are available in the Zynga app?

Zynga Poker application offers 3 kinds of poker games:

  • Texas Holdem
  • Spin & Win
  • Sit & Go

However, the app focuses more on Texas Hold’em which is the most popular variation for all poker players around the world due to its easy and clear rules.

The Texas Hold’em game begins by placing an initial bet on your hand, then you get two cards, and the betting rounds follow until the dealer places 5 common cards on the table. In the final round, players’ cards are revealed to determine the winning player who owns the strongest hand.