Gambling in Islam


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The rule of gambling in Islam may not be considered unknown to the majority, but some people constantly question whether some types of gambling in Islam are available or legal or not. In fact, Islam forbids gambling in all its forms, which is what is stated in a clear and explicit text, whether in the Qur’an or in the books of hadith and biography. In fact, the Qur’an forbids all means of earning money based on luck, whatever its forms. The matter is not limited to gambling games only.

But the question here is, are games such as poker and blackjack considered as means of making money that depend only on luck, or are there certain strategies and skills involved? If the answer is yes, does this mean that these games are allowed in Islam? We will learn the answer in detail through this article from Iraqbet.

Gambling in Islam
Gambling in Islam

Reasons for the prohibition of gambling in Islam

As we mentioned earlier, the prohibition of gambling in Islam in general is a clear and explicit matter according to the text of the Qur’an and the hadiths of the Prophet, and this is due to many different reasons according to Islamic scholars. In this paragraph, we will review the main reasons for which religious scholars forbid gambling in Islam:

  • Islam considers gambling as a way to earn money through amusement and wasting time, which reduces the value of sincere and hard work.
  • Islamic scholars claim that gambling destroys families with the possibility of losing money and living in poverty.
  • Islam indicates that gambling is a way to gain money without right.
  • Gambling is a way that leads to the loss of good morals and good habits according to Islam.
  • Islam indicates that gambling may push its owner to commit some crimes to compensate for some of the losses he suffers.
  • Gambling may lead to many neurological diseases and may lead to suicide from the point of view of Islam.
  • Islamic scholars believe that gambling may lead to many forbidden habits such as drinking alcohol or mixing with the opposite sex.

Are all casino games a form of gambling for Islam?

No one disagrees that games of chance are completely forbidden in the Qur’an, but some differ in classifying all casino games as games of chance. There is no dispute that games such as roulette and lottery are games that depend entirely on luck, and for this reason no one discusses their legality in Islam. But on the other hand, there are some games such as poker, blackjack and other casino games that do not depend entirely on luck. Are these games also forbidden in Islam?

Many people differ in the ruling on this type of games, if some casino players believe that games such as online poker do not depend only on luck, but rather that there are many strategies and skills that help players make money through them, and therefore this negates the argument that Be a way to make money by luck only. In addition, these people believe that playing poker or blackjack in the best online casinos cannot lead to negative consequences, as they play online, in an orderly manner and without problems.

On the other hand, the majority believes that poker and blackjack games may not depend entirely on luck, but the presence of the luck factor in them is enough to prohibit them in Islam. In addition, the presence of certain skills and strategies does not negate that these games may lead to the loss of money and the destruction of many people and families as well.


We cannot provide a final judgment regarding the ruling on gambling in Islam, but we are only trying to provide a detailed explanation of the two different points of view. In the end, despite the belief of a minority of people that some casino games should not be forbidden on the pretext that they are not completely dependent on luck, Islam and its scholars forbid gambling in all its forms and considers it one of the major sins that a Muslim should not do. Which of the two views do you agree with, dear reader?

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