The Biggest Casino Winners in History: Where Are They Now?


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It is no secret to many that many people have managed to achieve huge profits and big money through gambling games in the land casino or online casino, but have you ever known the names of the biggest casino winners in history? Are you aware of the amount of money that they managed to make through slot games in the casino? Do you know how they spent this money and where they are now? In this article, you will know the answers to all these questions from Iraqbet, and we will also review some additional details and aspects related to the lives of each of them.

The Biggest Casino Winners in History

It is a really wonderful coincidence to get rich through a game like roulette or poker, as this means that you will be on the first pages of newspapers and websites after winning one of these games and getting wealth through it, as is the case for the players in our list, but have you ever wondered how you can achieve this? Do you just need luck or are there some other skills to learn how to win the lottery?

Through this list, you will discover more details about the lives of the biggest casino winners in history before and after getting the fortune. In addition, we will discuss the way and the game by which each player can achieve his winnings and how they invested or spent their winnings.

Cynthia Jay Brennan – Las Vegas / USA

the biggest casino winners in history

When you read this paragraph, you will think for a moment that Cynthia Jay Brennan is one of the luckiest people in this world, but you may change your mind when you finish reading the paragraph and get to know the end of the story. Cynthia Jay Brennan was a fan of jackpot games, but little did she know that this game of chance would make her one of the biggest casino winners in history.

In the year 2000, Cynthia decided to go to a casino in Las Vegas and try her luck in one of the slot machine games, but the shock came that her luck that night resulted in her winning $35 million that made her feel that she was the luckiest person on earth, as she got a sum of the money that pulled her from the lower middle class to the upper class in an overnight.

Here, dear reader, you may think that Cynthia’s life has turned rosy and that all her problems are over forever, but you should continue reading here to learn the rest of the story. After winning $35 million, Cynthia began to take serious steps in planning her life, as she bought her own house, her favorite car, and married her boyfriend. However, the shock came on a day when she was driving her car with her sister at night, before she faced a terrible accident where a truck driver smashed her car terribly from behind causing the car to be completely destroyed. This incident resulted in the death of Cynthia’s sister on the one hand, while Cynthia herself was completely paralyzed.

Today, Cynthia is a disabled person who cannot move without a robotic chair, and she lives with her husband who is still working hard to take care of her. Cynthia, after many years, clearly stated that she wished her sister would come back to life in exchange for not winning the $35 million, and considered that the stroke of luck that made her rich is the curse that caused her to lose her sister.

Kerry Parker – Las Vegas / USA

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Kerry Parker is an Australian businessman who travelled to Las Vegas in 1997 to spend some good time and enjoy his vacation, but he did not know that this vacation would bring him money that he did not achieve during his time in business. Kerry Parker was not a professional casino player when he arrived in Las Vegas at the time, as his experience in the casino before that was limited to some short, often unsuccessful trials, he said.

The advantage that enabled Kerry to make big profits and enter the club of the biggest casino winners in history is that he liked to take risks and accept losing most of the time, which allowed him to make big profits in Las Vegas. Kerry Parker was able to achieve his historical profit in one of the Las Vegas casinos through the games of blackjack and baccarat, and that night he was able to exit the casino with financial profits of more than 30 million dollars.

Kerry Parker is known to be a very generous man, and that was realistically exemplified when, in a funny accident, he left one million dollars of his earnings to a casino worker. This worker decided, after receiving the million dollars, to leave the casino and go to open her own business. Kerry Parker passed away in Australia in 2005 but he will undoubtedly remain one of the biggest casino winners in history.

Elmer Sherwin – Las Vegas / USA

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Elmer Sherwin is a man of World War II in the early forties, but he did not know at the time that, at a very advanced age, he would become one of the biggest casino winners in history and one of the luckiest men in Las Vegas. What distinguishes Elmer Sherwin on this list is that he managed to win big in the casino not once but twice, and both of them through jackpot slot machines.

The first time, Sherwin went to a casino in Las Vegas in 1989 with the aim of trying his luck that night, and he never thought he would walk out of the casino with more than 4 million dollars and he was 75 years old at the time. However, the biggest surprise is that this man managed in 2005 at the age of 92 to win again in the lottery games, but the gain this time was much greater as he managed to win more than 20 million dollars that made him one of the biggest casino winners in history.

Elmer Sherwin believed that he was at an advanced age and that he did not need this money, so he donated part of it to the victims of volcanoes in the world, and he also provided support to his family members to secure a decent life for them. Elmer Sherwin died two years after his big win in 2007 at the age of 94.