Top 10 Players Who Have Never Won the WSOP


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WSOP, or the World Series of Poker, is the most popular poker competition in the world. And although specialists differ about whether the coronation of this series is the first measure of the quality of poker players or not, everyone agrees that it is one of the most important measures.

Most of the poker legends succeeded in making their names in the pages of history through the coronation of the WSOP, but on the other hand, many very distinguished poker players failed to be crowned for various reasons. In this article, you will learn about the top 10 players who have never won the WSOP

Dan Smith

Dan Smith is an American poker player who is considered one of the best poker players in the world of this generation. Dan succeeded in achieving financial gains of nearly 40 million dollars during his career in the world of poker, which brought him to the fifth place in the list of the most profitable players in the history of the game. Smith was crowned with many important titles and awards.

As for the WSOP, Dan succeeded in reaching very advanced roles more than once and ranked second in 2016, but he has not been lucky yet to achieve his first WSOP title, will he succeed in achieving it soon? This is what the coming years will answer.

Steve O’dwer

Steve O’Dwyer is considered one of the most prominent poker players in America and the world, and he succeeded through his career in achieving many successes and a lot of money, which tottaled more than 30 million dollars to occupy the twelfth place, in addition to the approximately 10 million dollars he earned from online poker. And despite the number that he is nicknamed “the beast of the poker table”, Steve O’Dwyer has not yet succeeded in achieving the title of the WSOP so far. Some believe that Steve O’Dwyer does not give much importance to the WSOP.

Jake Schindler

American poker player Jake Schindler is considered one of the most successful poker players in the modern era, due to the many successes and tournaments he won during his distinguished career. Schindler’s poker winnings totaled more than $27 million and he is among the 20 highest paid poker players.

Jake Schindler has reached the World Series Final on more than one occasion, but luck has not helped him to win the title yet. Many specialists believe that Jake Schindler will be crowned with this title soon, due to his experience in the famous series competitions and his frequent access to advanced roles in them.

Sam Trickett

Sam Trickett is the first name from outside the United States on our list, as he is a British national and is considered the most poker player to make money outside the poker table, through many sponsorship contracts with the most famous companies in the world of the famous game.

Sam Trickett’s career in the world of poker is very successful, during which he reached the podiums on many occasions, and succeeded through the game of poker in achieving 22 million dollars, making him one of the 25 most paid players in the history of the game. Sam managed to reach the final round of the WSOP on more than one occasion and was close to winning on two occasions, but he lost the title in the last meters.

Maria Ho

The most famous female name in the world of poker is the famous American announcer, Maria Ho. Maria managed to make a profit of 4 million dollars through poker competitions, but she has not yet been able to win the WSOP. Maria Ho has always been able to play advanced roles in the WSOP and was close to being crowned more than once, but luck did not help her in the end. It is expected that Maria will be able to take the title in the coming years, as she is considered one of the traditional players in the WSOP, due to her continuous appearance in competitions and her success in achieving great successes despite not achieving the title yet.

Jason Koon

With a total of more than $32 million in winnings, American Jason Cohn is the second-most-financed player to have won the WSOP after Dan Smith. Jason Kuhn is considered one of the most respected and appreciated players in the WSOP by other players due to his gentle personality on the one hand, and the high level of poker he plays on the other hand. Jason managed to be a runner-up in 2013 and was very close to achieving the title, but for some small details that prevented him from doing so.

Isaak Haxton

Many poker followers consider Isaac Huxton to be the smartest poker player in the modern generation, and this is what this American player showed through the many successes and victories he achieved throughout his career, through which he provided professional poker winning tips through his impressive performance and Smart. Isaac Huxton occupies the 16th place in the list of the most profitable poker players with a total of more than 27 million US dollars.

On the number from his second place in 2019, and third in 2017, Isaac has not been able to crown the title of the WSOP until now. Huxton is one of the most expected poker players to win the title in the coming years and get off this list, can he? This is what we will answer in the coming years.

Christoph Vogelsang

German poker player Christoph Vogelsang is the second non-US player in our list, and he is considered the most money-making non-American player on this list, with his total winnings in world poker tournaments more than 25 million dollars, which makes him one of the 20 most valuable players in this list. In the history of poker for winnings. Christoph made a third of his winnings through the WSOP, where he managed to win more than 8 million dollars through the series’ competitions, but luck has not yet helped him to achieve the title so far.

Maurice Hawkins

Maurice Hawkins is perhaps the least famous player on this list, but he is without a doubt one of the best poker players of the modern generation. Morris has unparalleled intelligence and calm, and is distinguished by his ability to play against players with more experience and experience than him, and despite that he is able to achieve victories and gains in front of them. Morris’ poker winnings total about 4.5 million dollars, more than half of which was made in the WSOP that he has not yet crowned, but most analysts believe that it is only a matter of time until Hawkins can win his first title in the series.

Sean Perry

American poker player Shane Berry started his career in the world of poker in 2017 and succeeded in a short period of time in achieving large financial gains of more than 4 million dollars, and he is the son of the world poker legend Ralph Perry. And although he is considered a generally successful poker player, Shane Berry has not yet succeeded in achieving any success in the WSOP and his total winnings stopped at only $ 7000, which is the lowest number among all the players on this list.

It is known that Ralph Perry succeeded in crowning the heart of the WSOP in 2006, so will the son succeed in following in his father’s footsteps in the future? Let’s wait and see what happens.

Here ends our list of the top 10 players who have not previously won the WSOP, and all we are waiting for in the coming years is to identify the players who will be eliminated from this list, and the others who will remain lucky until the end.