Fastpay is the best mobile wallet in Iraq. You can use it in physical and virtual shopping, transferring money, paying bills, and at online casinos and sportsbooks as well!

Find out the answers to these questions:

  1. What is fastpay?
  2. What are the casinos that accept Fastpay?
  3. How to register a new account at Fastpay?

Make a free account

Transferring money, paying bills, and at online casinos as well! you can open up a fees-free account in less than 5 minutes by doing the following steps:

  • Download Fastpay app on your smartphone.
  • Fill your phone number and your personal information.
  • Confirm your account.
  • Visit the nearest Fastpay Agent to deposit money
  • into your account.
  • Then you are ready!

In this guide experts of (iraqbet) site will discuss all the advantages and disadvantages of this mobile wallet to the Iraqi players. they also will explain how to use it at online casinos step-by-step.


Is Fastpay mobile wallet safe and reliable?

Fastpay wallet states that it uses the highest protection and security protocols and encryptions. As the site and the application are protected by the HTTPS protocol and SSL encryption. In addition to that, the wallet is a (PA-DSS) certified which confirms the protection of the users’ data and their transaction.

The site also applies the firewall when performing any financial transaction to prevent any breach of data. The player account is secured with password, fingerprint, and faceprint too! Fastpay also provides around-the-clock customer service which you can contact w with through the following means:

  • Local phone number – 066 231 0000
  • Email –

What is fastpay?

Fastpay is a mobile payment wallet that mainly serves Iraqis. it has become the most popular online payment method in the recent period due to its ease of use.

The wallet is mainly used in non-contact payment processes such as transferring money. paying home services bills. shopping through online stores or physical stores as well. paying and withdrawing from online casino sites. and many other features that help all users to enter the world of electronic payment simply!

Fastpay app allows all internet casino and sport betting players to make deposits to bet on games and simply withdraw profits! All you have to do is:

  • Open an account on the Fastpay app.
  • Get the card.
  • Recharge your account.
  • Search for online casino or sport betting that accept fast-pay!

The great advantage that fast-pay online payment method offers to casino players is the freedom to deposit and withdraw profits without the need for a credit card or bank balance!

How to register a new account at Fastpay?

If you are living in Iraq and your age is (+18). you can enter the wallet site ( then you will choose your preferred language (Arabic, Kurdish, or English). after that you’ll click on sign up button and enter these dates:

  • Iraqi mobile number.
  • First and last name.
  • National identification number.
  • Home address.
  • Password (you can alter it with your fingerprint afterward).

After filling these fields, the application will send you a message containing a confirmation code to your mobile, you should fill this code in the app to verify your account.

This way, you will have a Fastpay account and you can access it by mobile Application, or through the wallet’s website.

you can recharge your balance quite easily, by 2 options:

  • ATM – you can go to the nearest ATM, put your card in, then deposit the money!
  • Through Agent – visit the nearest Fastpay outlet and pay the deposit amount in cash then give the agent your account data, and he will recharge your balance.

it is worth mentioning that the players could use a free VPN like protonVPN if they cannot access to any casino site.

FastPay Pros and Cons

Fastpay pros:

  • Receiving and transferring money.
  • Complete security.
  • Works well with online casinos.
  • The account creation process is completely free.
  • No fees for recharge.
  • No deposit limits.
  • Paying government and private bills.
  • Online and physical shopping.
  • Easily recharged and bought from the nearest agent.
  • Payment salary.
  • Compatible with Google Chrome and Firefox.

Fastpay Cons:

  • Requests to provide proof of identity.
  • For Iraqis only.
  • Currencies other than Iraqi dinar are not accepted.
  • Difficulty transferring funds from Iraq to another country.
  • It isn’t compatible with the Safari browser on iPhone and Mac.

What are the casinos that accept Fastpay?

One of the best casinos that accept deposits/ withdraws using Fastpay is Betfinal Casino. which supports fast withdraws and instant deposits!

it fully supports Arabic and Kurdish languages. offers all kinds of betting on more than 30 international sports. Also, it offers plenty of high-quality casino games from the best global providers.

If you go to the casino through the link which is on this page you will enjoy a great welcome bonus up to $1350!

The player obtains this bonus on his first four deposits, in the following way:

  • 1st deposit – 200% bonus up to $50.
  • 2nd deposit – 50% bonus up to $500.
  • 3rd deposit – 50% bonus up to $500.
  • 4th deposit – 100% bonus up to $300.

It is noteworthy that the minimum deposit amount is $20, and the time frame of this bonus is 30 days, BUT BE CAREFULL to the wagering requirements which are 35x the bonus amount.

What is “wagering requirements”?

wagering requirements are multiples of the times you have to play with the bonus amount before you can withdraw profit.

For example, if you deposit $ 20 in Betfinal then you will get a 200% bonus equals $40 with a 35x wager requirement. So, you need to earn more than $700 and the amount that exceeds this number is only your profit! Casino games meet the wagering requirements in different shares. For that, you have to read the terms and conditions carefully.


Fastpay is one of the most convenient, easy-to-use, and rapid payment methods! launched in 2017 by Next-Generation Communications company which is operating in the Kurdistan-Erbil region.

This mobile wallet has gained wide fame among Iraqi users due to its many advantages.

But the main problem is the limited use of it in the state of Iraq only. since the user must have an Iraqi mobile number to complete the registration process.

which makes it difficult to spread outside Iraq. but the company seeks to solve this problem to enter the global market strongly.

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