Online Horse Racing Betting


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Horse racing is one of the most popular sports in the world. Arabs excelled in this sport from the pre-Islamic era up to the present time!

Among all types of horses, the Arabian horse is distinguished in a way that makes it required in all countries that hold horse races, especially the United States and the United Kingdom.

After the betting industry reached the internet realm, it became possible for Arabs to bet on horse races, football betting, and other less popular sports such as tennis and fencing.

In this guide, we will explain how horses races work, how to bet on them, and what is the best sites that offer horse racing betting.

Betting on Horse Races Online

During the previous years, horse racing betting was only available in traditional bookmakers, but now it becomes possible for everyone in the world without needing to travel.

Through online betting sites, you can choose the horse racing that you want to bet on and make a huge winning.

All you need to make huge payouts is to know some basic rules and choose a good sports betting site that covers all the horse races events around the world and accept Arab players.

Betting on horse race betting online is a very fun and exciting experience. It requires good knowledge of some basics, but you do not need to be a professional expert; All you need to know is how to choose the best bet from available options.

Online Horse Racing Betting Types

There are many available bets on the horse races, but all of them can be classified under two basic types:

  • Regular Bets
  • Modern Bets

We advise our followers to choose regular bets because they have more winning odds. These bets require you to expect the horses that will occupy the first three places. You can win if the arrangement varies, but the selected horses must occupy the first 3 places.

The second type of horse racing betting, modern betting, requires you to select the horse that will end up in the first place. This bet has lesser odds and more winnings. So, it can suit the experienced players more.

In addition, there are more types of modern betting, such as:

Exacta Betting

This type of betting is the most common among players due to the high winnings it offers. In addition, the goal of this bet is very clear; it requires you to bet on two specific horses in order to take the first and second place. To win this bet, the specific horses must occupy the selected places. For instance, if you bet on the 8 and 9 horses to get the first and second places, and the arrangement varies, you will lose the bet!

Quinella bet

This bet is the same as the previous one, but the difference here is that the arrangement isn’t required. So, for example, if you bet on the 8 and 9 horses to get the first and second places, and the arrangement varies, you will win your bet! Meaning that it does not matter which horse is in the first place and which one is in second place. However, do note that this bet winning is less than the previous one.

There are other modern horse racing bets, such as (the Trifecta bet), in which you choose three horses to win the first three places in a specific order. There is also (the Super Victa bet), in which you can choose 3 horses to win the race regardless of the arrangement.

The main difference between these bets is the betting value and the winning of each bet.

How to Choose the Best Betting Site?

When deciding to bet on horse racing, it is very important to collect the reviews and reports for each horse and read the expert’s predictions. In general, you should keep these points in mind when choosing the horse that you want to bet on:

  • Race and ancestry of the horse.
  • Overall evaluation of the horse during the previous races.
  • Experience and the record of the current horse trainer.
  • Record of the horse’s injuries.
  • The race’s conditions.
  • Height, agility, and the class of the horse
  • The expected speed of the horse in the race.

The most important types of horse racing

There are many horse races held in many countries. Such as: (UK, USA, France, UAE, and Saudi Arabia). All these races can be classified under two types, as follows:

1. Sprint races

in these races, the horses compete on a flat track. The winner is the horse that reaches the end line firstly.

2. Hurdles Racing

In these races, there are many obstacles a horse must overcome. Hence, these races measure a horse’s agility and jockey’s ability to control it.

Outside the professional horse racing world, there are many other types such as cavalry, amateur races, first-time racing, group races, and other types that you also find at premium betting sites such as Betfinal!