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There are no traditional casinos in Iraq! So, players are forced to travel to global gambling destinations like Macau and Las Vegas. But this solution isn’t effective for players who don’t have enough time and money for travelling. For that, many gaming companies offer live casino games from real casinos and dedicated studios.

When you open a live Iraq casino game, you will find a professional and handsome dealer to manage it. You can get in touch with him and with other players using the live chat feature. In addition, live dealer games offer many features that you can customize easily. For instance. you can choose the display size, quality of the stream, and the view angle.

Why live casino Iraq stands out of the rest of the games?

Live casino Iraq games have many features that make them excel from other gambling games. These games offer a real experience like the traditional casino’s gameplay.

In addition, the betting limits of live games are very affordable for all budgets. As you can place a $1 bet/ spin. Also, there are special games for “whales” players that you can bet on for $5,000/ spin.

In live casino games, dealers use a real deck of cards and physical roulette wheels the same as brick-and-mortar casinos. So, if you don’t trust the RNG games, you can play live casino Iraq with confidence! Also, many players feel that casino video games don’t reflect their real luck. For these players also live casino games will be suitable.

The only downside to live casino Iraq games is that they are not available in free mode, like video games. Additionally, the available bonuses for live casino games are limited compared to slots.

Live Casino Iraq Games

Since 2006, the studios have been offering live casino games. So, we now have a large collection of over 2000 titles. However, we can classify these games into specific types, as follows:

1. Live Casino Iraq Roulette

Roulette is the most preferred game for Iraqi players! The goal of this game is to predict the number/colour that the ball will hit, there are many betting choices on the roulette and each one has its winning percentage and payouts. Although roulette relies on luck, many professional players use many strategies to maximize their winnings.

There are 3 main variants of the roulette game: (French Roulette, American Roulette, European Roulette). French roulette is the best one because it ensures your bet if the ball hits the zero’s slot. While European roulette is the more common type of game. However, American roulette isn’t a good choice for players. As it has 2 zero slots, the single zero (0) and the double zero slot (00). The additional double zero slot raises the house edge to 5.4%.

Moreover, gaming companies offer innovative and modern games like (Immersive Roulette). This game utilizes cinematic visual effects like slow-motion scenes, replay important shots, and multiple view cameras. Also, if you seek jackpots you can play (Age of Gods: Roulette) that offer a grand prize of $250,000.

2. Live Blackjack Games

Blackjack is a game of skill, strategy, and decision. In this game, the player competes against the dealer, and the winner is who will of this game is to reach the golden value of (21) without exceeding it.

The face cards equal 10 always, and cards (2 – 10) have points according to their numbers, while (A) card can equal 1 point or 11 points according to what suits the player’s hand more.

If the player gets the blackjack with his initial 2 cards, he will get the winning of 1.5:1, while if he beats the dealer only, he will win 1:1.

The best live 21 game is the (single deck blackjack). In this game, the dealer uses one deck of 52 cards only. So, it’s very easy to apply the card counting strategy to maximize your wins. Also, if you want to minimize your losses to the most. You should consider (Blackjack Surrender)! This game allows you to exit the game if your initial cards were not strong enough to beat the dealer’s hand. And you will get back half of your bet value.

3. Live Poker Games

Poker is the ideal game to play at the live casino Iraq! As you will be able to rival other real players and show them your ultimate skills! The poker game objective is to have the highest hand on the table and remain until the last round.

Getting the best cards is a matter of luck of course while taking over the last round is a matter of skill and strategy! For example, you can raise your bets to make other players feel that your hand is much stronger than theirs. Also, you can use facial expressions and body language gestures to trick your rivals! That way you can push other players to surrender, and they may have stronger hands than yours!

The live casino Iraq offers players a fantastic feature which is the (Bet behind) that you can use to bet on another player hand and get winning if he wins the game! Also, you will be able to watch the game to learn about his strategy and sharpen your skills.

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