10 Secrets Casinos Never Want You to Know


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It is well known that the land-based casino halls are one of the most famous nightlife and entertainment venues in the world in general, and in Iraq casinos in particular. In fact, they are not only places to stay up and have fun. Most people go to the land-based casino halls in order to make money through famous gambling games such as roulette, poker, blackjack and other games.

But there are secrets casinos never want you to know. Do players actually make money in a land-based casino? Well, it is undeniable that many players succeed in making some money when they go to the casino halls, but it should always be considered that the businessman who owns one of these casinos aims to make a profit in the first place, as it is a business before anything else.

What are the secrets casinos never want you to know?

How does the casino always guarantee profits in games based on luck in the first place? How can luck always serve the casino to achieve overall profits? Well, the answer here may be shocking to many. In fact, casinos do not leave everything to luck, as we mentioned earlier, for them it is business before anything else. There are some things that the casino hides from players that ensure that they always win, and in this article on Iraqbet, you will learn about 10 secrets casinos never want you to know.

1. Some games you can’t win

Secrets Casinos Never Want You to Know
10 secrets casinos never want you to know

This may come as a shock to many, but there are a lot of casino games that are designed specifically for the player to lose money to the casino. The most prominent of these games is known as the Carnival games series, which is a series of games that may seem very interesting through its rules and method of playing, but in fact all of this is deceptive, because in the end you will lose your money to the casino. These types of games are found in casinos for the purpose of securing additional gains for casino owners as they are fully aware that they are profitable for them.

2. Slot games and tables are arranged strategically

Some may think that the gambling tables or games in the casino are arranged randomly, but one of the secrets casinos never want you to know is that this is absolutely not true, as the casino managers and owners are interested in placing the gaming tables that attract players greatly at the front of the hall, as it is the casino’s attractive interface to the players. The tables or slot machines placed in the back of the casino are games that get less bets and so they are placed in the back and do not get the space that the tables that attract a lot of players and a lot of money like roulette tables and poker tables does.

3. Dealers may make mistakes.. or frauds

As in all aspects of life, human error occurs in casino games. One of the secrets casinos never want you to know is that dealers make many mistakes while managing the games, but wait a moment, it’s not just about mistakes. If you thought the dealers in the casino were completely honest, you should think again. One of the most important things that the dealer are asked about in the interview before starting work in the casino is the extent of his ability to do tricks while distributing or mixing cards, because this point guarantees the casino to control the playing process in a large proportion.

4. The casino is designed for you to lose more money.. and more time

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Some small parties, women dancing, and free fancy meals and drinks.. they are all things you will find in any luxury casino, and you might think at first glance that all of this is specifically there to make you happy, but it is not really The casino halls, through these and other temptations, aim to keep you in the casino for as long as possible, as they offer you a tempting free meal so that you sit at one of the poker or blackjack tables and lose an amount of money that equals to 10 meals. Always remember, for them it is always an investment aims to making a lot of money.

5. Poker tables are not monitored

All corners of the casino are professionally monitored no less than in the best airports in the world, but this does not apply to the poker tables. Many may ask why? Well, the reason for this is that the casino is well aware that poker is a game between players and each other. In other words, there is no casino money at the poker tables. Casino owners and managers explain not monitoring the poker tables, that any attempt to cheat or defraud by one of the players will be well noticed by the other players and therefore there is no need to monitor the poker tables, but is this the truth?

6. The casino always wait you to cheat

The casino is usually a place where you do not get a lot of cheating, and this is due to the high prestige that these types of places have. Does this mean that the casino cares not to have cheats? On the contrary, the casino is actually always waiting for you to cheat in order to use it against you. All corners of the casino are monitored and any cheating you get will be easily identified. Cheating means that the casino is entitled to get a part of your money as a punishment for your fraud, so be careful.

7. Some of the tables are seated by the owners of the place themselves.. do not sit on them

If you notice that a dealer at a gambling table one day greets a particular person and receives a special favor compared to the rest of the players, do not sit at this table, that person is most likely one of the owners of the casino. Sitting at a table like this is very beneficial for the casino, but it is bad for you, as you will not get many chances to win while playing against the casino owner or one of his owners. It is very important to think carefully before choosing which table you are going to play at.

8. Counting cards is illegal in the casino

If you are sitting in a casino at a poker or blackjack table, do not count the cards clearly, this is not allowed in the casino and you will be penalized if you do. In fact, if you lose your money one night, no one will check whether you are counting cards or not, but the moment you start reaping the profits, you will find the complete focus of all the people in the casino on you. If you consider card counting important in playing, do so discreetly and with extreme caution, as you must keep it unnoticed, or else the casino will punish you.

9. Winning in Keno is impossible even if you play your whole life

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Keno is one of the lottery games that casinos offer and they know you won’t win. This game depends on you choosing 20 numbers from 1 to 80, and your chance of winning is that the dealer will draw 20 cards similar to the numbers you chose. 1:35000000000000000000, do you know what that number is? Yes right, this is the probability that you will win the game of keno, 1 over 35 with 18 zeros next to it! For this reason, avoid playing this game.

10. The best way to gain experience is to play at crowded tables

If you are in the process of learning a new game or gaining experience in a game you know, it is always better to sit at a crowded table. This is not something the casino prefers, since what is best for it is an even distribution of players at the tables. But playing at a crowded table for someone who wants to learn or gain experience gives him a lot of time to think because of the length of the round on the one hand, and helps him read the strategies and ideas of more players on the other hand.

Those were the most prominent 10 secrets casinos never want you to know. Hope you enjoyed the post!