How Are Online Slots Made?


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For many players, slots games are a great way to enjoy an easy and fast gaming experience without the need to make difficult decisions or use special strategies. All you need to do is select your betting value, then press the “Spin” button to start playing. Despite the surprising simplicity of slots, the process of creating these games is long and complex, and many parties participate in it!

In this article, we will explain to you how slots are made. Although you will get to know this process in a few minutes, it takes a long time up to a year! From choosing the initial idea and implement it, then offering the games to the casinos.

Who Makes Slots Games?

As we pointed out in the introduction, slots games require a great deal of effort and creativity. So, there are a lot of disciplines in which they participate.

1. Designers

Designers choose the theme of the game, its look, and its theme. They also get all these things together at the end.

2. Programmers

Programmers add random results generators (RNG) to slots and all casino games in general. The primary goal of this encryption is to ensure that the games give random and fair results. Also, the result of each spin must be independent of the previous results and cannot be predicted by any software.

3. Artists

Artists work with designers to produce game visuals, interface, and icons.

4. Sound Engineers

Every gaming studio has a team of Sound engineers consist of music composers, score writers and producers. This team creates the game tracks that add more excitement and fun to the gaming experience.

5. Technical Team

In order to collect all the components that we talked about earlier, the technical team must work on converting all these elements into HTML5 code; It’s the perfect format to play on computers, smartphones, and tablets as well. So, players can enjoy them on any device.

6. Game Testers

Game testers are independent agencies that work to ensure that the game works flexibly on smartphones, tablets, and computers with high quality, gives random and fair results. There are many well-known big names such as eCOGRA and iTech Labs. So, when you find the symbol of one of these committees in the casino iraq, you must make sure that it offers fair games to its players.

Stages of Developing Slots Games

We explained above the role of everyone who works to develop slot games, and in the next part we will give you a quick overview of the stages of slot making:

1. Idea

Like anything else, slots games start with an idea! This idea can come up during a team meeting, or for a team member who later introduces it to his colleagues.

The idea should contain something new and unconventional that has not been introduced before; The primary goal of all team members is to present a game that players choose among other games, so the company makes big profits.

Sometimes companies offer games based on movies or drama series, in which case a lot of stages are passed in one go because the idea, visual elements and sound effects are already in place!

2. Technical Part

With a good idea and potential audience interest, it should be turned into something real. This part usually takes the longest time in the process, 6 months or more, because it is very complex and requires all team members to work together. It is at this stage that the icons are selected, designed, and placed on the reels.

3. Test

Like any other type of game on the Internet, slots must be tested to ensure they comply with industry standards and licensing regulations.

This is done in two stages; In the first phase, the company’s team reviews the game to ensure that it is of high quality, while in the second stage the game is tested by independent committees such as eCOGRA and iTech Labs to ensure that these games provide random and fair results. Then the test results are recorded in a separate file with the independent commission or licensing authority.

4. Game Launching

The final stage of the game’s creation is its launch in online casinos. The launch of the game depends on the size of the company in the industry; If the studio is still new, it will have to make a lot of effort to familiarize the public with its releases, but if the company has a solid reputation in the market, it will be able to market its publications easily.