Top 5 Esports News Sites


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Electronic sports, as known as Esports, have gained immense popularity during the last two decades, and computer games have turned from a means of entertainment and time to time into a major industry and a real field in which many parties can make very large profits. With the increase in the number of esports betting companies and the number of bettors on this type of sports, the Top 5 Esports News Sites that are interested in covering all the important events and news related to esports has increased. In this article, we will discuss each of them.

Top 5 Esports News Sites
Top 5 Esports News Sites

In this article from Iraqbet, you will first get acquainted with a list of the best sports betting sites in Iraq, and then we will move on to talk in detail about the top 5 esports news sites in the world. These sites are interested in covering all matters that revolve around e-sports, including news, reading and analysis of players, teams and major tournaments in e-sports.

Best Esports Betting Sites in Iraq

There are many options available as esports betting sites, but it is important that you choose the best among them. Through the following list, Iraq Betting offers the best esports betting sites in Iraq:

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Top 5 Esports News Sites

Many esports games such as DOTA 2, PUBG, League of Legends and other games have gained a very wide spread, both at the level of players who play them online all over the world, and at the level of tournaments and professional matches that are organized in a way annual or seasonal. And with the matter reaching this degree of professionalism, we find a wide spread of sites that specialize in providing comprehensive coverage of all events and news related to electronic sports. In what follows from this article, you will learn about the list of the top 5 esports news sites in the world:


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ESPN is considered one of the most famous sports news sites in general, as this site provides comprehensive coverage of the most important sports events in the world related to traditional popular sports such as football, basketball, tennis and horse racing. As for esports, you can find on the ESPN website that everything you want to search for starts from news, through analytical articles and detailed readings of the profiles of players and teams, to direct coverage of esports games and tournaments.

4. GosuGamers

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GosuGamers is characterized by its very fast coverage of the latest breaking news related to the world of esports and is interested in following up all the details of esports tournaments everywhere and at all times. In addition, there is a live coverage section that specializes in covering the events and results of all important tournament matches. There are many analytical articles about different esports being published almost daily that you can follow and benefit greatly from.


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ESTNN is the third site in our list of the top 5 esports news sites, thanks to the high quality and speed with which esports news is covered on this site. In addition, you can find many of the best esports players, team administrators and coaches. You can also follow the live events of the matches through the live coverage section. This wonderful platform is a very important guide for all fans and followers of esports news.

2. Esportz Network

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Esportz Network is a global electronic games site through which you can meet and benefit from many experts and followers of electronic sports. In addition, this site offers exclusive and very fast coverage of all the news and events related to popular esports like DOTA 2, League of Legends, CS:GO and other popular esports games and esports in the world. On this site, there are more than 100 freelance writers specialized in reading, comprehensive analysis, and providing distinguished content for everything related to electronic sports. They dedicate their efforts to provide a service at the highest level for followers and readers on the site.

1. Global-Esports News

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The first site with us in the list of the top 5 news sites for esports is Global-Esports News, which is a platform at the highest level to present and deal with everything related to esports. This site has a very large team and contains a very large experience in the world of different esports, in addition to many journalists who love esports aim to provide exclusive and fast coverage of all important events. If you want to quickly find out about esports news, or get comprehensive analytical content of important events, Global-Esports News is undoubtedly the right place for you.


These were our five choices for the top 5 esports news sites, but there are many other great sites that provide coverage at a level as well, including The score, Dexerto, Lol esports, World gaming network and others.